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Based in Spain, we develop our routes from our backyard with our firsthand knowledge of the land and the people. We are proud of our casa and hope to share with you things that we find interesting and exciting.

We have 887* reasons to be thankful this year.

*The total number of people who chose to walk with Fresco Tours in 2022.

Reasons to be thankful this year

1. Above all, we are thankful to the pilgrims and travelers who chose to walk with Fresco Tours. To be precise, 436 walked with us on our Full-Service Guided Tours and 451 choose our Independent Self-Walk adventures.

2. We would like to extend a special thank you to those of you that chose to walk with us again. There is truly no greater honor for a tour operator.

887 pilgrims this year

3. We are also thankful to our extraordinary and resilient team of guides and office staff. Thanks to them, we were able to weather the storm and return to the Camino. Thanks to them we were able to reopen all our tours and even launch our brand new Camino de Santiago on the Canary Islands

Fresco guides reasons to be thankful this year

4. We are thankful to all the businesses along the trail, the cafés, restaurants, hotels, etc. that were there when the time came to reopen. Without these services, which in their majority are run by locals, we believe that the Camino experience would be very different.

5. Finally, we are thankful for the spirit of the pilgrimage that keeps us walking with the same enthusiasm as the first day, to the tomb of Saint James in Compostela!

 Thankful this year

Happy Thanksgiving from Fresco Tours!