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COVID Update

Traveling during these complex times requires a bit more planning and a lot more reassurance. However, we believe that the Fresco Tours style of travel is particularly well-suited to the current situation: walking in the outdoors, small group sizes, strong reliable relationships with our local partners and, most importantly, we have the local knowledge of our home - the Camino de Santiago and the Spanish culture.

Your safety has always been a priority at Fresco Tours. We are serious about taking responding efficiently and comprehensively to the Covid-19 pandemic.

To this end, we are extremely busy preparing for our return to the trail with new safety measures on and before your tour. Here’s a sample of what we’ve done so far and what you can expect:


Fresco Tours is fully committed to complying with all current Spanish Health Authority regulations, protocols and recommendations. We may be experts on the Camino, but we rely on our health professionals when it comes to disease prevention and response.

Our Fresco Tours Covid-19 Response Team has received specific Covid-19 training and is certified in safety and prevention for touring with groups and outdoor recreation by the Spanish Ministry of Health. Additionally, Fresco Tours will augment these requirements with our own protocols tailored to address the particularities of our activities. Subsequently, all tour leaders will be given in-house Covid-19 prevention and response training. We are also in contact with all our local partners to ensure they are in compliance with the current Covid-19 protocols as directed by the Spanish government.


Keeping Everyone Safe

We will wear masks that cover our mouth and nose when required. Until further notice, this is compulsory by Spanish Law in all public places. Our guides and everyone working with us will also comply with proper mask use. If, for medical reasons, you cannot wear one, please contact us prior to the start of the tour.

We will follow Spanish regulations regarding social distancing. This measure will also apply to our group transport on tour where we will follow regulated bus seating arrangements. As for our other activities, Fresco Tours’ small group sizes will comply with restrictions and recommendations in effect at the time of the tour.

We will facilitate hand disinfection and Covid-19 preventive hygiene, with special emphasis at mealtimes. Equipment and other material will not be shared without proper cleaning. We suggest you bring hand sanitizer with you, although it is also easily available everywhere on the Camino.

Your Guides

We have the best-prepared guides on the Camino, and they will be up to the challenge of touring in these exceptional times. Our Covid-19 Response Team will provide specific training to all your tour leaders. In addition, each guide will be briefed on the planned itinerary paying attention to safety measures specific to each the tour.

Living year round in Spain, we not only speak the language but have in-depth knowledge of Spanish health system and local particularities, which will allow us to respond efficiently and promptly when required and to make accurate assessments of situations while on tour.


We require that the accommodations used on our tours comply with Spanish regulations regarding Covid-19 risk management at the time of the tour. Your guides will closely monitor the hotels’ safety measures and ensure they are in accordance with these local and national guidelines.


Our restaurants will meet Spanish regulations regarding Covid-19 prevention. We are very aware that our gourmet picnics are always a daily highlight when on the trail – and we plan to keep it this way. Where possible, your tour leaders will be preparing the freshest tastiest picnics for lunch but this year we will be serving the buffet with gloves and a mask!


We understand that we are in a time of uncertainty and want you to have options to navigate these changes. Following our initial response in March of 2020, we will continue to use our more flexible payment and change of tour date policy for all tours in 2021.

Prior to making your travel arrangements, we suggest that you check the latest travel advisories and your home country’s travel recommendations and requirements. Remember that these mandates may be different when returning to your home. Regarding information about traveling to and within Spain, you may find the following website useful:

Given the volatile nature of the pandemic, we will continue to monitor all health regulations and guidelines as determined by the local health authorities for the running of our tours. Not only are we concerned about your safety, but also the wellbeing of the communities where we operate.