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El Kinder Portugués, Guided Tour
Duration: 11 days / 10 nights
Distance: The Last 118 KMs to Santiago

On the Road
Getting There & Back
Before You Go / Preparing

On the Road

What is the weather like on the El Kinder Portugués Tour?

Fresco Tours' Camino Portugués Tour covers about 118 KM's of the Camino in the Northwest region between Portugal & Galicia. Here we enjoy a more temperate climate than other parts of the Camino de Santiago in Spain.

For average monthly temperatures and rainfall of Porto and Santiago de Compostela, please click below:

Santiago de Compostela

What is a typical day like on the El Kinder Portugués Tour?

After breakfast, we lace up and get the blood going with a walk for a couple hours, where we will do a check point to make sure that everything is OK. You then continue along the Camino for another 1-2 hours where you will come across a complete gourmet picnic prepared with the all the freshest local ingredients. On some days, we continue for 1-2 hours more after lunch to burn off dessert.

In the afternoon, we go to our hotels, where we take a shower, siesta and just relax! We finish our day with a glass of tinto and a feast of the local gastronomy. We then retire for the night and get ready to do it again! On some afternoons, we have planned excursions, such as a visit to Celtic ruins or perhaps a massage!

Does the group stop for breaks on the El Kinder Portugués Tour?

The great thing about the Camino is that it is very well-marked and we encourage people to walk at a pace that is comfortable for them - this is not a race! We want you to enjoy the route and we also like to stop with our clients for a coffee or cerveza along the way and take everything in!

What is the terrain like on the El Kinder Portugués Tour?

In Portugal & Galicia, the regions where we walk, the terrain is green rolling hills - there are neither steep climbs nor treacherous descents. The trail itself is a combination of very well maintained compact dirt and stone footpaths and small country roads.

What is the change in elevation on the El Kinder Portugués Tour?

We will be walking from Valença to Santiago de Compostela, the last 118 KM's of the Camino de Santiago. For more information on the distances between towns along the Camino and their respective altitudes, please click here.

How many kilometers are walked each day on the El Kinder Portugués Tour?

The amount of KM's scheduled for each day varies from 12KM's to 18KM's. We have designed this tour to allow the possibility to walk the last 118KMs to Santiago, which is a requirement by the Church if you are going to ask for the Compostela Certificate. However, the walks are accompanied by a support vehicle and options for less (or more!) KM's are possible on a daily basis. We can tailor the Camino to suit your needs!

How can we sleep in the same hotel for 2 nights and still walk the last 118 KM's?

Since the distances that we walk during the day on El Kinder Portugués Tour can be covered quickly in the van, we take advantage of this and stay in the same hotel for 2 nights on multiple occasions. Our walk always starts at the point where we finished the previous day to maintain our continuity along the trail. We believe that the time (and energy) saved packing and unpacking everyday makes these shuttles a great convenience for everyone.

Will I have access to WiFi?

Yes, but you will be walking in one of the most rural parts of Spain so the service may be a bit difficult or slow in certain locations. Nonetheless, many cafes along the way also offer Wi-Fi so you'll have several opportunities to be online. Finally, remember that one of the greatest joys of the Camino is cultivating the ability to disconnect and enjoy your immediate surroundings!

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Getting There & Back

How do I get to the El Kinder Portugués Tour starting point?

To facilitate your travel for the start of your walk, we will meet the group in Porto, which has airline connections from around the world! In the afternoon, we will meet you for your Orientation Meeting and an evening guided tour of Porto. If you need assistance with hotel arrangements, we will be happy to help.

How do I get from Santiago Compostela to Lisbon and other cities?

There are buses that will get you from Santiago to Lisbon - click here for an example of the timetable. If you are looking to fly, there are excellent internal flights that fly Santiago to Lisbon. For a complete list of companies that service the Santiago airport, please click here.

Can you help with purchasing online train tickets on the Rail Europe site?

Contact us and we would be happy to have our local travel agent assist in making those arrangements for you. Keep in mind that train tickets cannot be purchased until 60 days prior to departure.

How do I get to and from the Airport?

The national organization of airports in Portugal (ANA) has a great website that explains how to get to and from the major city for your airport of choice. It also has information regarding the routes serviced, the corresponding airlines, terminal information, transportation options and more.

If you are flying into Madrid and need to get to Porto, please see Spain's (AENA) website for information on destinations and routes serviced, the corresponding airlines, and much more. You may have to re-click the "English" tab at the top once you have chosen your airport.

How do I get from the Lisbon Airport to Porto?

If your flight flies into Lisbon, you have a train that will get you from Lisbon to Porto, as well as a bus. The trains take anywhere between 2.5 - 3 hours and the buses take about 3.5 hours.

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Before You Go / Preparing

What type of boots do I need for El Kinder Portugués Tour?

Footwear is a very personal question - depending on how active you are and how much support you will need. Since we will be walking on a daily basis on the Camino de Santiago, I believe that comfort is key - you do not want to get blisters. You probably won't need a full high boot that covers your ankle (unless you need this support), but rather light trail walkers or even running shoes if you are used to walking. In the spring, there may be mud and water along the trail, so keep that in mind. Most important: Make sure that they are well broken in!

What sort of conditioning do I need to undertake the El Kinder Portugués Tour?

We encourage you to walk before and be prepared for your own enjoyment. However, this is your vacation and not boot camp! During your walk, one of the two guides will be on the trail with the group to keep an eye that all is well. Also, we have planned check points along the way with our support van to make sure you have plenty of water, if you need a change of shoes, or just feel like taking a break. In most cases, you will see the van at a minimum every couple of hours.

How do I purchase travel insurance?

If you are interested in travel insurance, we like, which allows you to compare various policies across the top Insurance Providers. Visit our personalized Squaremouth for Fresco Tours Clients page, where we have taken the time to wade through policies that don't fit your needs (such as immigrant travel, golfing or and other specialized trips, etc.) to make your selection process easier.

In addition, we encourage you to check out, which explains the different insurance policy options in simplified lingo and provides editorial reviews of the insurance companies in terms of "The Good, The Drawbacks & The Bottom Line".

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Where do Fresco Tour clients come from?

We are very fortunate to have had clients join us from around the world giving us a wonderful mix of diversity. The internet allows us access to the world, and since 2006 we have had travelers from the USA, Canada, Puerto Rico, Bermuda, Panama, Mexico, Venezuela, Peru, the United Kingdom (England & Scotland), Ireland, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, China, India, South Africa, Namibia and even Egypt! It truly is a small world after all!

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