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Rolls Royce of the Camino!

It has been 17 days since we ended our Camino with Fresco Tours and 8 days since we said goodbye to Spain from Barcelona. But I am still missing the experience and time I shared with my sister, Michelle and my dad, Michael, our fellow pilgrims, Veronica, Shanna, Simon, Eduardo, Rita, Jill and our wonderful guides from Fresco Tours, Ana and David.

The experience touched my very soul and until today I am still reflecting on those very special 9 days that I will always hold close to my heart.

Before I left for the Camino, I spoke with a friend who had just returned from the Camino. When I mentioned we were going with Fresco Tours, she said, “Oh! You will be well taken care of because they are the Rolls Royce of the Camino!” I was already impressed that she had heard of Fresco Tours and even more surprised by her comment. Few in Singapore have gone for the Camino and for those that I know of, they were mostly self-guided and led by a priest from Singapore.

After experiencing the Camino with Fresco Tours first hand, I must say Fresco Tours is even more than the Rolls Royce of the Camino. I have never experienced others but its a tough act to follow.

Coming from a background that involved event management, I could see how much thought was put into the whole design of this tour and most of all the hard work that comes before, during and after. You have an amazing team. What makes Fresco Tours a few notches above the rest I would say are the people.

Alissa has been such a pleasure to correspond with, even though most of the time she was corresponding with Michelle, I was following silently, she was always ready to help and always reverting so promptly.

Ana and David, they captivated me with their knowledge of the country, culture, history of Spain and the Camino. But what impressed me most was their attention to detail and to the needs of each of us. This touched me very much. Always professional so very hardworking, but what sets them apart from other guides is their sincerity, care and concern.

Last but not least, a special mention to 3 lovely ladies who we would not have known about if Ana and David had not mentioned them to us at our last dinner together. Patricia, Mireia and Sandra, the unsung Heroes, their hard work could be seen in the organization and efficiency of the entire tour. I am sure they were the backbone of the tour.

On behalf of Michelle, my dad and myself – Thank you Alex and an outstanding team for an unforgettable and life-changing experience on the Camino.

Fresco Tours is more than the Rolls Royce of the Camino for me because it sparkles and stands out amongst all the others.

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