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The Itinerary was Extraordinary

Dear Alex, Where to begin! My vision of what my Camino journey was going to be was quite different from what it actually was. There was no possibility of me walking those distances daily and I expected to spend a great deal of time on the bus. My reality was very different. The main reason was because of the trip you planned and the great support and encouragement provided by both you and Ria. The itinerary was extraordinary; the preparation you took us through each day; the detailed maps of our daily journey; the fabulous places we stayed; the extraordinary food and wine all made it the most unforgettable journey I have ever taken and will ever take again! Everything was perfect!!! Even your daily fixing of my walking poles. You should be very proud of what you have achieved and I know that you will continue to go from one success to another. Thank you for making my pilgrimage one I will never forget. Karen

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