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Work was Done with a Smile and Passion

Hi Alex, I thought you may want some feedback on our latest tour: My pre tour bookings and information by Alissa was handed quickly and efficiently. The group we walked with (all spoke the same language) worked well despite different backgrounds, etc. David and Jeffery ensured any problems were attended to immediately. The accommodation and selection of restaurants were excellent, especially the last breakfast. The morning and afternoon breaks were all welcomed by Carlos and in surprising places. The picnics were always on time, well thought, in pleasant surroundings and made with passion and pride. It was almost too good eat. David and Jeffery gave clear instructions on the walk and repeated them several times (no one got lost or took a wrong turn). They were always there at everyone’s call and knew their history as guides. I guess the sign of a good organisation is that we did not hear or see any problems. Everything went smoothly as per itinerary. The two things that amazed me were the extra mile the two guys went: pouring drinks for people, getting aerated water or Rose wine – all of which were asked for once and then remember by them at every meal time. The other point is that all of their work was done with a smile and PASSION to the very last day. I employ around 500 full-time employees and know how difficult it is to get some good people and you have two very good ones and one very good office person in Alissa. Congratulations on your choice of employees and the culture of your organisation. Happy to give any other information and I will be recommending the tour to many others. Cheers, Barry.

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