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San Sebastián to Orio

Pasajes San Juan to San Sebastián

Day 5

Accommodations: San Sebastián (B, L)

Walking: 15 km / 9 mi

Today we lace up our boots (or sneakers!) to leave San Sebastián and begin to ascend Monte Igeldo. The rocky coast of the Basque Country has us going up and down hills and through small hamlets, all the while enjoying a view of the sea. The scattered flocks of sheep remind us that the Basques are not only acclaimed fishermen but also well-renowned shepherds! As we traverse the ridge, we find the perfect spot for a healthy and tasty Fresco Tours picnic, enjoying yet another lunch with a spectacular view. After lunch, we continue walking with the sea to our right as we quickly make our way down to the fishing port of Orio. 

Orio is a small coastal town known for its fishing tradition and its charming maritime atmosphere. The town has a picturesque harbor where you can see fishing boats and witness the daily activities of local fishermen. Orio’s fishing port is still active, and like the whole Basque coast, seafood plays a significant role in the local cuisine and the town’s identity and economy. The traditional fishing trawlers, known as “bateas,” are a common sight in the port. 

Views of the Bay of Biscay from the Camino de Santiago between San Sebastian and Orio
Views of the Bay of Biscay from the Camino de Santiago between San Sebastian and Orio

On our way to Orio, there are some great picnic locations for a tasty and healthy lunch!

Fresco Tours Gurmet Picnic Lunch on the trail to Orio
Fresco Tours Gourmet Picnic Lunch on the trail to Orio

As we make our way down to the town’s historic center, characterized by narrow streets, traditional Basque architecture, and historic buildings, we pass the Church of San Nicolás de Bari, dating back to the 13th century.

Orio historic quarter
Orio’s historic quarter

The seafood from the Orio fishing port, including anchovies, sardines, sea bream, mussels and clams, is highly regarded for its quality. Many restaurants in Orio and the surrounding area feature fresh seafood dishes that showcase the local catches.

Artwork in Orio's fishing port
Artwork in Orio’s fishing port

After a full day of walking through countryside and past small towns, we return to San Sebastian for dinner before heading to bed. 

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