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Maspalomas to Arteara


Day 2

Accommodations: Maspalomas (B, L, D)

Walking: 17 km / 11 mi

After a delicious buffet breakfast, we shuttle to Arteara and hit the trail. From there we work our way slowly down the valley back to Maspalomas. The landscape today changes dramatically, from dunes to volcanic slopes dotted with pine trees and palm groves. As we explore the new landscape we will find the perfect spot to stop for a Fresco Tours picnic and enjoy fresh local cuisine. 

Fresco Tours picnic
A Fresco Tours picnic

Arteara is known for its ancient aboriginal settlement, which dates back to the pre-Hispanic era. The site was originally inhabited by the indigenous Guanche people, who lived in a complex society and had their own unique culture before the arrival of the Spanish. The archaeological site of Arteara features several important elements. The most notable is the Montaña de las Cuatro Puertas (Mountain of the Four Doors), which is a large rock formation with four natural openings or caves. These caves were used by the Guanches for various purposes, including as burial sites and places of worship. Arteara is also home to the largest aboriginal cemetery of the Canary Islands with hundreds of monuments to the original inhabitants.  

Arteara Valley
Arteara Valley

After lunch we head back to our hotel to relax and enjoy some quiet time by the pool or perhaps an afternoon stroll along the beach! After a few hours of relaxation we will reconvene for dinner and then head to bed for another day along the Way. 

Arteara to Tunte