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Mos to Arcade

Orbenlle to Mos

Day 5

Accommodations: Pontevedra (B, L, D)

Walking: 17 km / 11 mi

After departing from Mos we begin a gentle ascent through ancient villages and will pass by the Chapel of Santiaguiño de Antas at the top of the Chan das Pipas hill. Just after the chapel we will walk by another Roman milestone, another reminder of our progress!

The Camino between Mos and Redondela.
The Camino between Mos and Redondela.

After another delicious picnic lunch, we will descend Chan das Pipas hill through more small towns before reaching Redondela. This town is situated just south of the Ria de Vigo, and the estuary hugs the town from the north-west. From the town you can view the coast and its beaches, as well as the floating barges used to farm mussels and scallops, delicacies of the region. Despite its coastal beauty, Redondela’s main attractions are the two historic train bridges or viaducts that cross over the city. The two rail viaducts that span the town’s sky date roughly from the beginning of the 20th century and are both still in use. 

A Fresco Tours gourmet picnic at the Chapel of Santiaguiño da Antas.
A Fresco Tours gourmet picnic at the Chapel of Santiaguiño da Antas.

We continue our journey north through the small summer resort town of Arcade, where local summer revelers flock to look for beaches and seaside fun. The town is also home to the yearly Fiesta de la Ostra (Oyster Festival) that takes place in spring. Oysters are a local specialty here as the estuary waters are perfect for their farming. After exploring the coastal town we will transfer to Pontevedra where we will sit down for our nightly meeting with dinner and then it’s time to rest before our full day of walking tomorrow. 

Arcade to Pontevedra