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A Fresco Start Camino Portugués Tour

On this walk, you'll cover the last 118 km to Santiago. You begin your journey from the town of Tui (Spain), which sits on the banks of the River Miño and has wonderful views of it’s neighbors across the way in Portugal.

  • Self-Guided
  • 8 days / 7 nights
  • 118 km to Santiago
  • Camino Portugués
    Camino de Santiago Walking Tours Self-Guided

    Private Bedroom and Bathroom

    We understand that people do want to walk the Camino, but would rather not sleep in albergues, the communal dormitories available along the trail. Some pilgrims enjoy having their own bedrooms with a door, an en-suite bathroom, and plenty of hot water!

    Freedom From Your Bags

    Our self-guided clients do not want or cannot carry all their belongings with them. In fact, they enjoy being able to add some extra weight to their load and have some creature comforts, such as that Ipad!

    A Live Person to Help

    Are you nervous and scared! Coming to a foreign country to walk for a couple of weeks is daunting no matter how many books and web forums you've read. You want more than just an Orientation Packet sent to you in the mail - you want a LIVE person to answer your questions and help you take those first steps on your journey.

    Meals with Friends

    Independence can be great when traveling, but it is also nice to have some occasional companions to share those tales from the trail and a meal or two!

    La Compostela

    Our itinerary qualifies you for the Compostela certificate upon your arrival to Santiago.



    In the evening, we meet the group in the riverside border town of Tui, where many pilgrims doing the Portuguese Camino begin their journey to Compostela. Your Fresco Tours guide will hand out your Orientation Packets and review all the materials to get you ready for your Pilgrimage on the Camino de Santiago! Afterwards, we'll take you to get your first stamp in your Pilgrim's Passport before enjoying a traditional Galician meal. (D)


    Tui to O Porriño

    15 km / 9.3 mi

    With our boots and scallop shells on, your Fresco Tours guide escorts you out of town indicating the various Camino markers and the famous yellow arrows. As we leave Tui, your guide will navigate you in and out of the historic medieval town where you will be able to admire the 12th century Santa María Cathedral, the Jewish Quarter and past your first medieval bridge spanning the River Louro. Here we bid you a last "Buen Camino" as you continue on your own along the Way to Santiago! You stroll through the forested countryside on a combination of backroads and country footpaths as you make your way north through the Louro River Valley to O Porriño, an important trading town and stop for pilgrims since the 14th century. (B)


    O Porriño to Arcade

    22 km / 13.7 mi

    Leaving O Porriño, the walk begins with a light climb through typical southern Galician villages surrounded by vineyards. Look out for the occasional carved granite cross that marks the way to Santiago and the Roman milestones that marked the Roman Road Vía XIX. Before reaching the beachside town of Arcade, you will walk through the fascinating town of Redondela with its two 19th century rail viaducts that cross the town’s sky. Finish the day with the local specialties of oysters and mussels that are farmed along the estuary and the Albariño white wine. (B)


    Arcade to Pontevedra

    13 km / 8 mi

    Following the Camino, you cross the bridge of Ponte Sampaio, where a group of locals defeated Napoleon’s troops in 1809. You then cross one last hill with views of the Vigo Estuary before descending into Pontevedra. The town is best known for being the home to the Church of La Peregrina (The Lady Pilgrim) with its iconic scallop shell floor plan shape. La Peregrina is also the patron saint of the Portuguese Camino and is devoutly venerated by locals and foreigners alike. Today’s stage is shorter than the rest allowing you time to explore Pontevedra at your leisure. (B)


    Pontevedra to Caldas de Reis

    22 km / 13.7 mi

    The Camino takes you out of town and before you realize it, into the quiet forested countryside, along trails and small country lanes all the way to Caldas de Reis. You can even make a short detour and admire some spectacular waterfalls halfway through the stage. Your stage ends in Caldas de Reis, which roughly translates as the kings’ thermal waters, and like a king or queen you will feel when you dip your tired feet into the soothing natural thermal springs in town. (B)


    Caldas de Reis to Padrón

    18 km / 11.2 mi

    The day starts with an enticing walk through wooded vales, vineyards and small villages before you gain the last major hill on your Camino. The descent takes you into the Ulla River valley that separates the province of Pontevedra, which you have just crossed south to north, from the province of A Coruña, where Santiago de Compostela is. The stage ends in the historic town of Padrón (or pedrón – Galician for big stone), which pays homage to the famous rock where the boat that contained Saint James was moored to upon its arrival from Jerusalem after he had been martyred. Or in other words, this is where the Santiago story began and where you will literally be walking in the footsteps of the apostle! Padrón is also famous in culinary circles for its little green peppers, some which are hot and others that are not.


    Padrón to Santiago de Compostela

    25 km / 15.5 mi

    7 days, 118 kilometers, and you have arrived to Santiago de Compostela. Congratulations! Head to the Pilgrims’ Office for your last stamp in your Passport and request that well-deserved certificate, the Compostela, for having walked to Santiago. You are going to love this magical city filled with fantastic monuments and a lively buzz from the international pilgrims and university students that fill its medieval streets. (B)


    Santiago de Compostela

    Itinerary Ends

    After your breakfast our local historian gives you a closer look at the amazing Cathedral that has seen so many transformations since the original chapel built in the 9th-century. Its age seems almost impossible when looking at the Baroque façade that graces the entryway. Afterwards, make sure you give your well-earned hug to St. James! Alas, your itinerary has come to a finish. (B)

    * Due to the limited availability and selection of accommodations on the Portugues route, a short shuttle from the Camino may be necessary to ensure the quality of your hotel.

    * Please note: This itinerary is subject to slight modifications due to hotel availability, weather, festivals and other occurrences.

    Orientation Meeting

    A Fresco Tour guide will hand deliver your Orientation Packet and give you a detailed meeting on the first night in Tui. Your Welcome Packet is filled with all the materials you’ll need to transform into a pilgrim: Your credentials (Pilgrim’s Passport), a scallop shell, daily maps of the route, a guide book with historical information of the towns that you will pass through, and a few other goodies for the trail! We’ll answer any questions that you have before starting your journey to Santiago and on the next morning, lead you out on The Way!
    Minimum of 3 people for this service to be provided.


    7 nights in a combination of 3 & 4 star hotels, restored manor homes, and small pensions / inns located on the Camino. All rooms have their own bathrooms. We've chosen places for their hospitality, comfort, and location.
    * Keep in mind that as you will be walking through rural countryside, the availability of 3 & 4 star hotels all along the route is not possible.


    All breakfasts are included with your hotels. We have arranged that they will be supplemented from the standard Spanish breakfast of coffee & toast. The first night of the itinerary, our guide will take you for dinner at one of our favorite places in Ponferrada - wine and beer included. Afterwards, we will provide you with a list of places along the Camino with food recommendations. Let us know if you have any dietary restrictions and we can ask our hotels to accommodate for those as well!

    Limited Group Size

    Although this tour is Self-Guided, we've limited the size of each departure to 15 passengers. Availability is on a first come, first serve basis.

    Luggage Transport

    We will arrange for the transfer of 1 suitcase / piece of luggage (20 kg / 45 lbs MAX) per person between your hotels on your walk along the Camino. If the weight of your bag exceeds the limit, you will need to divide it into 2 pieces. Please contact us for details for rates for extra bags.

    Guided Visit

    In Santiago, our local art historian will provide you with a guided visit of the Cathedral and the surrounding squares. Minimum of 5 people for this service to be provided.

    Additional Assistance:

    We are here to help! Need assistance with hotels prior to or after your trip? Train or bus tickets to and from your tour? Questions about what to wear? Need a taxi while on the trail? Based in Spain, we are here to make sure that your trip runs smooth as can be - we are available!

    On the Road

    What is the weather like on A Fresco Start Camino Portugués 118 km Tour?

    The Camino de Santiago covers over 750 km of Northern Spain and therefore has very different weather conditions depending on the region.

    A Fresco Start Camino Portugués 118 km covers the last 118 km of the Camino in the Northwest region called Galicia. Here we enjoy a more temperate climate than other parts of the Camino de Santiago and in July and August the heat is not overwhelming like it can be on the plains of Castilla y León.

    For current and average monthly temperatures of Santiago de Compostela, please click below:

    Santiago de Compostela

    What is the terrain like on A Fresco Start Camino Portugués 118 km Tour?

    In Galicia, the region where we walk, the terrain is green rolling hills - there are neither steep climbs nor treacherous descents. The trail itself is a combination of very well maintained compact dirt and stone footpaths and small country roads.

    What is the change in elevation on A Fresco Start Camino Portugués 118 km Tour?

    You will be walking from Tui to Santiago de Compostela, the last 118 km of the Camino de Santiago. For more information on the distances between towns along the Camino and their respective altitudes, please click here.

    How many kilometers are walked each day on A Fresco Start Camino Portugués 118 km Tour?

    The amount of km's scheduled for each day varies on average from 13 km to 25 km. You will walk the last 100 km to Santiago, which is the requirement by the Pilgrims' Office in Santiago if you are going to ask for the Compostela Certificate.

    What if I am unable to walk the scheduled daily kilometers?

    We will provide you with daily maps of your walk. These maps include the elevation gain and loss along the stage, the address and a detailed map of where your hotel is located, our favorite restaurant recommendations along the trail for lunch and dinner, and a list of taxi phone numbers in case you need a lift.

    Will I have access to WiFi?

    Yes, but you will be walking in one of the most rural parts of Spain so the service may be a bit difficult or slow in certain locations. Nonetheless, many cafes along the way also offer Wi-Fi so you'll have several opportunities to be online. Finally, remember that one of the greatest joys of the Camino is cultivating the ability to disconnect and enjoy your immediate surroundings!

    Getting There & Back

    How do I get to A Fresco Start Camino Portugués 118 km Tour starting point?

    Tui (Spain) is the official starting point of the A Fresco Start Camino Portugués 118 km tour and can be reached via the bus that services Santiago de Compostela, Lisbon and Porto.

    For complete details on the bus routes, please see:

    From Lisbon to Tui please see the sample schedule: Lisbon to Tui

    From Porto to Tui, please see the sample schedule: Porto to Tui

    If you are traveling from Santiago de Compostela, you can take the bus to Valença (Portugal) and then take a short taxi ride from Valença to Tui. Please see the sample schedule: Santiago de Compostela to Valença

    If you are having difficulties with the ALSA website for purchasing your bus tickets, let us know and we would be happy to assist in making those arrangements for you.

    How do I get from Santiago de Compostela to Madrid and other cities?

    There are now RENFE trains that will get you from Santiago to Madrid in less than 4 hours. While routes and availability may vary upon time of booking, there are several daily trains from Santiago to Madrid. The direct trains are listed as Alvia. If you are looking to fly, there are excellent internal flights that fly Santiago to Madrid.

    Can you help with purchasing online train tickets?

    Unfortunately, the RENFE website can be a bit temperamental and is not very user friendly. However, all is not lost! If you are having difficulties, we like the Rail Europe website for purchasing tickets. Keep in mind that train tickets cannot be purchased until 60 days prior to departure. Routes and availability are subject to vary based on maintenance needs.

    How do I get to and from the Airport?

    The national organization of airports in Spain (AENA) has a great website that explains how to get to and from the major city for your airport of choice. It also has information regarding the routes serviced, the corresponding airlines, terminal information, and much more. You may have to re-click the "English" tab at the top once you have chosen your airport.

    Before You Go / Preparing

    What type of boots do I need for A Fresco Start Camino Portugués 118 km Tour?

    Footwear is a very personal question - depending on how active you are and how much support you will need. Since we will be walking on a daily basis on the Camino de Santiago, I believe that comfort is key - you do not want to get blisters. You probably won't need a full high boot that covers your ankle (unless you need this support), but rather light trail walkers or even running shoes if you are used to walking. In the spring, there may be mud and water along the trail, so keep that in mind. Most important: Make sure that they are well broken in!

    What sort of conditioning do I need to undertake A Fresco Start Camino Portugués 118 km Tour?

    We encourage you to walk before and be prepared for your own enjoyment. As you will be walking from inn to inn, you should be prepared to cover the day's full stage. They say your Camino begins once you decide to do it, so enjoy your "training" walks and get those km's in before your arrive to Spain! As a bit of insurance, we will also provide you will a list of taxi phone numbers... just in case.

    How do I purchase travel insurance?

    If you are interested in travel insurance, we like, which allows you to compare various policies across the top Insurance Providers. With the current situation, make sure to review their section regarding "Coronavirus Information" to select a policy that fits your needs.


    Where do Fresco Tour clients come from?

    We are very fortunate to have had clients join us from around the world giving us a wonderful mix of diversity. The internet allows us access to the world, and since 2006 we have had travelers from the USA, Canada, Puerto Rico, Bermuda, Panama, Mexico, Venezuela, Peru, the United Kingdom (England & Scotland), Ireland, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, China, India, South Africa, Namibia and even Egypt! It truly is a small world after all!

    When do most people walk the Camino de Santiago?

    According to the Pilgrim's Office in Santiago de Compostela, in 2019, 33.4% of all pilgrims who requested the Compostela arrived in July and August. This makes sense since many Europeans and students have their vacation time in the summer. Whenever you decide to walk, you will always be able to find that "quiet time" for yourself along the trail. In addition, walking with Fresco Tours means that you won't have to worry about your meals, your pack, where you'll sleep, or anything else. You do the walking and leave everything else up to us!

Price Per Person:

1,195 EUR

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  • Self-Guided
  • 8 days / 7 nights
  • 118 km to Santiago
  • Camino Portugués

A Fresco Start Camino Portugués

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