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10 Facts you did not know about Olive Oil

We all know olive oil is tasty and good for you, but did you know that

1. Olive oil is the preferred oil used in every single Mediterranean country, including the Middle Eastern and North African nations. Additionally, while the Romans may have played an important role in extending olive production, the use of olive oil dates to at least 4000 BC.

2. Spain is the world’s biggest producer of olive oil. Andalucia in Southern Spain produces 70% of this oil.

3. Olive oil is fruit juice. The best oil is made from the juice extracted from pressed olives, and nothing else. And like any juice, the fresher, the tastier.

4. All olives are green at the beginning. If you let them ripe, they gradually turn other colors. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is typically produced using green olives.

5. Olive oil colors and tastes vary significantly, depending on the variety, when it was harvested, and how the oil was obtained.

6. Olive oil has lots of antioxidants, which we know are good for us. It can also help lower bad cholesterol.

7. When you purchase Extra Virgin Olive Oil, you are purchasing premium oil that has only been extracted from the juice of olives harvested no later than the day before, at a controlled cool temperature, and bottled immediately. This is the highest quality you can purchase.

8. Spaniards typically cook with refined olive oil, which is obtained with a mix of pressing, heat, and chemical procedures. Refined olive oil still retains many of the oil’s good nutritional properties.

9. Olive oil does not age well and, once the container is opened, the oil starts losing its properties. Sun light and air (oxidation) are the oil’s worst enemies, so purchasing oil in dark or opaque containers is highly recommended.

10. All our Fresco Picnic Salads are dressed with Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

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