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Camino Horizons Tour

We understand that walking the entire 500-mile distance of the Camino de Santiago may not be feasible for everyone due to time constraints or physical limitations. That's why we have designed a special tour that allows you to experience the major cultural highlights of the Camino while traveling comfortably by private bus. You will also have the opportunity to walk some of the more scenic sections on the Camino, followed up by one of our famous gourmet picnics.

Experience and Expertise

Your two bilingual guides that accompany the tour are either Spanish or live in Spain year round. This is our home and we love to share it with you!

Fabulous Food

All your meals (B,L,D) are included, except for two dinners and one lunch, so you only need to worry about enjoying the sights! Weather permitting, our gourmet picnic lunches showcase the freshest of local flavors. Likewise, as we cross Spain, you will have the opportunity to compare the different regional specialities that make up Spanish cuisine.

Amazing Cultural Visits

Get ready to capture some amazing pictures as we visit many of the cultural highlights along the Camino de Santiago.

These include the medieval sites in the Pyrenees, the Fountain of Wine, the Cruz de Ferro and its pile of stones, the Gothic magnificence of León and Burgos, sobering Cape Finisterre, the intriguing chicken coop inside the Santo Domingo Cathedral, fascinating remains of our Roman heritage, the Tomb of Saint James, Bilbao and its Guggenheim Museum, Pamplona without the bulls, and many more.

Unique Accommodations

Charming restored B&B’s and 3-4 star hotels that offer the best in hospitality, comfort, and location.

Van Supported and Comfortable Travel

We will follow the Camino by private bus, from the French border to the Atlantic coast, allowing us to spend more than one night in each accommodation.

Short Scenic Walks

These short walks through several of the most scenic sections of the Camino will enhance your journey and, for some of you, bring back fond memories of your previous walks with Fresco Tours. All walks are optional and can be tailored to your circumstances.

Expect to have a wonderful time!

We’ve designed each trip to enjoy the stunning beauty of the Spanish landscape while giving you a true sense of the soul and magic of these exciting people and their culture. We love to share this magnificent country and want you to feel a part of it – for us it is more than just a trip; it is our home.

The Guggenheim in Bilbao.

Day 1

Bilbao & The Guggenheim

Accommodations: Bilbao (D)

Meeting time: 3:00pm

Starting our tour in Bilbao by visiting the iconic Guggenheim Museum and the city sets the perfect tone for your Camino adventure. Designed by Frank Gehry, the museum is an architectural masterpiece that has transformed the city. We will also have a chance to explore a bit of Bilbao and immerse ourselves in the city's rich heritage. Your guide will take you for a walk through the city’s charming streets, discover local shops and cafes, and perhaps even spot your first yellow arrows! Our first day in Bilbao promises to be a delightful blend of art, history, culture, and gastronomy, setting the stage for the adventures to come.
Chapter 1 the beginning tour

Day 2

Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port (France) & Roncesvalles (Spain)

Accommodations: Roncesvalles (B, L, D)

Walking: 3 km / 2 mi

Today we visit Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port in France, a traditional starting point for many pilgrims. Situated at the foothills of the Pyrenees. After exploring the town, we will drive to the Ibañeta Pass in Spain, a site associated with the legend of Charlemagne and Roland. Descending from the pass, we will reach the abbey and village of Roncesvalles, where we spend the night. Roncesvalles holds great significance as a traditional stopping point on the Camino and has been a pilgrim shelter for centuries.
Fresco Tours Picnic Salad

Day 3

Roncesvalles - Pamplona

Accommodations: Pamplona (B, L, D)

Walking: 11 km / 7 mi

Leaving the hotel, we will walk through the scenic landscapes of Basque Navarra as we follow the yellow arrow that marks the Way to Compostela. Our walk ends in the mountain town of Viskarret where we will have lunch. Afterward, we shuttle to Pamplona, known for its lively atmosphere and the famous running of the bulls during the San Fermín festival. Before dinner we will take a leisurely stroll through the city and and perhaps even stage our own version of the bull run!
The Alto del Perdon

Day 4

Alto del Perdón (Hill of Forgiveness) - Puente la Reina

Accommodations: Pamplona (B, L)

Walking: 10 km / 6 mi

Today we start the day by walking to the the Knights Templar Chapel of Eunate, an exceptional medieval architectural gem, and then onwards to the medieval town of Puente la Reina. This charming town is named after its famous bridge, which has been an important crossing point for pilgrims since medieval times. On our way back to Pamplona, we will visit the Alto del Perdón, also known as the Pass of Forgiveness where according to legend, the devil attempted to tempt a pilgrim on his way to Compostela.

Day 5

Irache Wine Fountain - Logroño

Accommodations: Logroño (B, L, D)

Walking: 10 km / 6 mi

Today's itinerary promises to be a treat for wine enthusiasts. After lunch and our hike along Roman roads and fhistoric trails, we will make a stop at the Irache Wine Fountain. This unique attraction allows pilgrims to indulge in a sip or two of wine as a symbol of hospitality and celebration. Afterwards, we will continue our journey to Logroño, the capital of La Rioja region. La Rioja is renowned worldwide for its exceptional red wines, and Logroño is the perfect place to immerse ourselves in this fascinating world. In the afternoon, you'll visit a winery for a tour and tasting, this time more than a sip or two!
Fresco Tours Gurmet Picnic Lunch on the trail to Orio

Day 6

Santo Domingo de la Calzada – Burgos

Accommodations: Burgos (B, L, D)

Walking: 6 km / 4 mi

Today we continue through the Rioja region surrounded by medieval towns and vineyards of tempranillo grapes, the renowned variety used to produce Rioja wines, adding an aromatic touch to your experience. The town of Santo Domingo de la Calzada holds a special place in Camino lore. The town is named after Saint Dominic of the Way, an important figure in the pilgrimage's history and is famous for housing the only chicken coop located inside a Catholic church! After lunch, we will shuttle to the noble medieval city of Burgos, which in recent year has become a culinary destination in Spain, offering a vibrant food scene with numerous acclaimed restaurants and tapas bars.

Day 7

Burgos, Horizons

Accommodations: Burgos (B, L, D)

Your morning begins with a visit to the Atapuerca archaeological site just outside the city, an exceptional place that takes you back over a million years in time. Here, we will have the opportunity to learn about our earliest ancestors and gain insights into human evolution. Next, we will make our way to the Carthusian Miraflores Monastery with its stunning architecture and priceless artwork. In the afternoon, we will wrap up the day with a guided visit to the UNESCO World Heritage Burgos Cathedral. Inside, we will have the chance to admire the beauty of the building and the tomb of the medieval hero El Cid.
La Meseta to León

Day 8

La Meseta - León

Accommodations: León (B, L, D)

Walking: 10 km / 6 mi

Continuing your journey westward along the Meseta region, we will discover the stunning beauty and allure of this often-overlooked part of the Camino de Santiago, where the far-reaching views over the vast plains and rolling hills provide us with a sense of serenity and calm. Today's walk will give us a taste of the Meseta and its well kept treasures. After lunch, we will visit one of the best-preserved Roman villas in northern Spain. This archaeological site showcases the grandeur and lifestyle of Roman Iberia, once one of the most important provinces of the Roman Empire.
Leon Cathedral at sunrise.

Day 9

León, Horizons

Accommodations: León (B, D)

León is another significant milestone on the Camino de Santiago and home to one of Spain's most stunning Gothic cathedrals that houses the most complete collection of original stained glass windows in Spain. Aside from the cathedral, León offers a wealth of other attractions to explore. The city's historic center boasts charming medieval streets, lively squares, and architectural treasures. Take some time to stroll through the city, soak in its lively ambiance, and indulge in the local tapas. But save some room for dinner, as we tonight we have a Spanish cuisine cooking demonstration!
The Iron Cross or Cruz de Ferrp on the Camino de Santiago

Day 10

Cruz de Ferro (Iron Cross) - Lugo

Accommodations: Lugo (B, L)

Walking: 8 km / 5 mi

Today marks our entry into Galicia, a region known as the Land of Saint James due to its deep connection with the Camino de Santiago. Your first stop is Mount Irago and the iconic Cruz de Ferro (Iron Cross). The origins of the cross are shrouded in mystery, but it is believed that pilgrims have been ritually leaving stones here for centuries. Don't forget to bring your own stone or stones from home! After lunch, we will enter the region of Galicia and make our way to the Roman-founded city of Lugo. Lugo is renowned for its intact Roman walls that encircle the historic quarter, adding an aura of ancient grandeur to the city. As Lugo sits along the Camino Primitivo trail, you can expect to encounter fellow pilgrims meandering through town.
Fresco Tours picnic salad

Day 11

Galicia – Santiago de Compostela

Accommodations: Santiago de Compostela (B, L, D)

Walking: 10 km / 6 mi

As we return to the classic French Way to Santiago, our final hike takes us through the enchanting forests of Galicia. After a satisfying lunch, we'll continue our journey by bus to Santiago de Compostela. Along the way, we'll make a special stop at Monte de Gozo, where we'll be rewarded with our first glimpse of the cathedral's majestic spires. This awe-inspiring sight will serve as a powerful reminder of the pilgrimage's culmination and the fulfillment of our journey.

Day 12

Finisterre & Muxía

Accommodations: Santiago de Compostela (B, L, D)

Today, we will continue our journey westwards, to the End of the World - Cape Finisterre. This symbolic destination holds significance for bygone pilgrims who, believing this was literally the end of the world, would perform ritual ablutions after completing their pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela. While our rituals may be different today, we can still engage in quiet contemplation of the Atlantic Ocean. We will also visit Muxía and the feared Costa da Morte, which translates as the Coast of Death because of its reputation amongst sailors. In the evening, we will gather for our farewell dinner in Santiago de Compostela, where we will have the opportunity to reflect on all the adventures we shared along the Way and begin planning for our future adventures together.
Santiago de Compostela A Kinder (Gentler) Camino Tour

Day 13

Santiago de Compostela, Horizons

Accommodations: Tour end (B)

As our tour comes to a close, we have saved one of the most remarkable experiences for the final day. We will embark on a guided visit of Santiago de Compostela, immersing ourselves in the history and beauty of this captivating city. Our tour will include a visit to the magnificent Santiago de Compostela Cathedral, a masterpiece of Romanesque and Baroque architecture. We will also visit the famous Portico de la Gloria, an intricately carved entrance adorned with original medieval painted sculptures.


*Please note: This itinerary is subject to slight modifications due to hotel availability, weather, festivals, and other occurences.

2 Guides

Our greatest resource! We know Spain, because it is our home. Both of your guides are experienced professionals that are either Spanish or live in Spain year round – no hired out summer help! When specified, local art historians will join us to provide further insights of the specific monument / museum that we visit.

* Groups of 3 – 6 pax are accompanied by only 1 guide.

Limited Group Sizes

Fresco Tours are in small groups to ensure that you receive the individual attention that you deserve. In order to treat each of our clients with a personal touch, we limit our group size to a maximum of 16 participants.

Local Guided Visits

In most of the major cities (see detailed itinerary), we will be joined by local art historians, who will bring the monuments and cities to life! A minimum of 5 people is necessary for this service to be provided.


Fresco Tours selects a combination of 3-4 star hotels and B&B’s that offer the best in hospitality, comfort and location. All rooms have their own bathrooms. Tour prices are based on double occupancy.

All Meals

Food speaks volumes about a culture, and we love to eat! During our walk days, when possible, we prepare gourmet picnics, using the freshest of local ingredients and selecting the tastiest recipes of the region. Dinners are celebrated in restaurants chosen not only for their menu, but also their atmosphere and service. Except for two dinners and one lunch, all breakfast, lunches and dinners are included. We are proud to cater to vegetarians and those with food allergies as well.

Support Vehicle

Your walks will be accompanied by a support vehicle that will be there to provide you assistance when the route permits. The possibility of shorter routes and pick-up options will be explained on a daily basis.

Luggage Transfer

Your luggage will be transported between hotels. You do the walking, we’ll do the lifting!

Special Event Tickets

Wine tastings, city tours, cooking classes, etc. as outlined in the itinerary.

Additional Services

We are here to help! Need assistance with hotels prior to or after your trip? Questions about what to wear? Need a taxi while on the trail?

Based in Spain, we are here to make sure that your trip runs smooth as can be – we are available!

* Please note that any additional services purchased will have the following conditions:
Hotel reservations – can be cancelled up to 1 week before arrival without penalty
Extra luggage/Private transfers – can be cancelled up to 72 hours before without penalty

Ground Transportation

All ground transportation between the designated starting and finishing point of your Fresco Tour is provided. We will help facilitate information for your travel arrangements prior to and after the tour start and finish.

Not Included

Airfare to and from Spain, airport taxes / departure fees, visas, gratuities or tips, items of personal nature – laundry, phone, luggage surplus charges, medical expenses, bar, etc.

Prior to / After your Fresco Tour: Should your vacation to Spain be for more than a few days prior to or after your Fresco Tour, perhaps you would be interested in a Spain-taineous Custom Tour and personalized private itinerary. Let us know and we’ll create an itinerary especially in tune with your needs and desires.

Table of Contents

Getting There & Back 

How do I get to the Camino Horizons Tour starting point? 

Bilbao, Spain is the official starting point of the Camino Horizons tour and can be reached via plane, train, or bus. Bilbao International Airport has service throughout Europe. For those looking to fly into Bilbao, please see the following link for all airports serviced. Traveling from Madrid, one can choose between the train (RENFE) or the bus (ALSA). For a sample of prices and timetables, please see: 

RENFE Train – Madrid to Bilbao 

ALSA Bus – Madrid to Bilbao 

How can I purchase my bus or train tickets beforehand?

Train tickets can be purchased online on Spain’s leading rail provider, RENFE. Keep in mind that the sale of train tickets depends on RENFE’s scheduling and some routes cannot be purchased until approximately 30 to 60 days prior to departure – please be patient. Schedules and availability are also subject to change based on train maintenance needs.

For bus tickets, these can be purchased on ALSA .

Both of these websites have an English language option that accept most major credit cards. Tickets are issued as PDFs and are sent to the email address used to purchase the tickets.

How do I get from Santiago de Compostela to Madrid and other cities? 

There are now RENFE trains that will get you from Santiago to Madrid in less than 6 hours. While routes and availability may vary upon time of booking, there are several daily trains from Santiago to Madrid. The direct trains are listed as Alvia. If you are looking to fly, there are excellent internal flights that fly Santiago to Madrid. 

How do I get from Bilbao Airport to the city center? 

From the airport, you can take Bizkai Bus #3247, which connects the airport with the center of town. There are buses every 30 minutes (from 6:20am to 00:00am). For complete details, please click here. 

On the Road 

What is the weather like in Spain? 

The Camino Horizons Tour crosses Northern Spain as it makes its way from the French border to the most western coast of Spain. The weather will vary across these 500 miles, especially as we will be passing through two different mountain ranges. We highly recommend dressing in layers, especially while you are walking along the Camino.

As an example, please visit the following link for average monthly temperatures of some cities that we will be staying in:

Bilbao, Pamplona, León and Santiago de Compostela

What is a typical day like on the Camino Horizons Tour? 

After breakfast and on the days we are walking, we lace up and get the blood going with a walk for a couple hours finishing for lunch at one of our gourmet picnics prepared with the freshest local ingredients. On the days we do not hike, the activities are those described in the itinerary. This tour is designed to get a taste of the different sections of the Camino across Spain.

In the afternoon, we go to our hotels, where we take a shower, siesta and just relax! We finish our day with a glass of tinto and a feast of the local gastronomy. We then retire for the night and get ready to do it again! On some afternoons, we have planned excursions, such as a visit to an ancient monastery or perhaps a massage! 

 What is the terrain like on the Camino de Santiago Tour? 

The Camino de Santiago terrain is extremely varied across Spain . The trail itself is a combination of very well-maintained compact dirt and stone footpaths and small country roads. 

What is the change in elevation on the Camino de Santiago Tour? 

The elevation gain will vary greatly as we explore the different sections of the Camino. However, there are no stages that require intense training and preparation.

How many kilometers are walked each day on the Camino de Santiago Tour? 

The number of kilometers scheduled for each day varies from 6 km to 11 km. We have designed this tour to allow the possibility to walk the most scenic sections of the whole Camino. All the walks are accompanied by a support vehicle and options for less (or more!) km’s are possible on a daily basis. We can tailor the Camino to suit your needs! 

Will I be able to do laundry on the Camino de Santiago Tour?  

Some hotels will have the capability to do laundry on the premises or you can use local laundromats whenever you’d like. We also recommend that you bring quick-drying clothes that you can handwash and dry overnight at the hotel if all else fails! 

Before You Go / Preparing 

What type of shoes do I need for the Camino Horizons Tour? 

Footwear is a very personal question – depending on how active you are and how much support you will need. However, we suggest comfortable shoes for urban exploring and light trail walkers or even running shoes for the short walks. As we will not be engaging in any strenuous hiking and the trails are well groomed, state of the art hiking footwear may not be necessary. Remember that in the spring, there may be mud and water along the trail, so please keep that in mind. Most important: Make sure that you are comfortable with your footwear and that they are well broken in! 

What sort of conditioning do I need for the Camino Horizons Tour? 

Camino Horizons is a tour designed for everyone. If you are an avid walker, then you will enjoy the sections we do on foot. If, on the other hand, your circumstances do not allow you to walk as far as you’d like, be assured that the hikes have been chosen with this in mind, that they can be tailored to you and there is even the option of opting out of a hike or two. Furthermore, during your walk, one of the two guides will be on the trail with the group to ensure that all is well. 

Booking a Tour

Thank you for choosing to travel with Fresco Tours! We are very excited for you to join the ranks of our Happy Customers. If at any moment you should have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you again and we look forward to sharing memories of a lifetime with you.

Reservations and Payments

To join us on a Fresco Tour, please visit our Secure Online Reservation Form or download and print a PDF version of the Reservation Form, one for each participant. To reserve your space on a tour, a 15% deposit per person is required and payment should be made via credit card (Visa or MasterCard only), bank transfer or via Wise transferThe balance of your tour payment is due 60 days prior to the departure date. If the tour that you selected begins within 60 days of booking, final payment is due at that time. Failure to receive the remainder of your trip balance by the due date will be considered a cancellation.


Once Fresco Tours has received your registration form and tour deposit, we will send you an email with an invoice of payments received and your remaining balance, a copy of our Assumption of Risk / Liability Waiver Form and a link to your Guest Questionnaire. These last 2 items must be returned 60 days prior to the start of tour. In addition, we will send you a Confirmation Packet with information regarding suggestions on preparation, a packing and reading list and other tips to get you excited and prepared for your Fresco Tour.

Final Registration

Once we have received final payment, the signed Assumption of Risk / Liability Waiver Form and Guest Questionnaire, you will be sent a receipt and final details regarding your tour, including a detailed itinerary and the hotel contact list.

Single Supplement Fee

Due to the nature of the accommodations we use, there are a limited number of single rooms available. Requests for these rooms are based on availability. Please see the tour itinerary for the cost of this fee. In some cases, it may imply a room smaller in size than a standard double room. If you are traveling alone, and would like to share a room, we will do our best to match you with a same-gender roommate.

Cancellation / Refund Policies

All cancellations must be made in writing. No refunds will be issued due to late arrival, early departure, or any unused portion of a tour. The Assumption of Risk / Liability Waiver form must be signed and received 60 days prior to tour departure or the reservation will also be treated as a cancellation. Cancellation fees are outlined below:

Time Price
Cancellations received 121 or more days prior to trip start
10% of trip price
Cancellations received 120 - 61 days prior to trip start
15% of trip price
Cancellations received 60 - 31 days prior to trip start
50% of trip price
Cancellations received 30 days or less prior to trip start
100% of trip price

Fresco Tours reserves the right to change, modify, or cancel a tour prior to departure for any reason, including lack of participants (tour minimum: 3-6 passengers with 1 guide, 7 passengers or more with 2 guides) or acts of nature and/or circumstances beyond our control. In this case, any payments received will be refunded in full, and this will constitute full settlement. Fresco Tours is not responsible for any additional expenses due to a canceled tour, such as the purchase of non-refundable airline tickets.

Fresco Tours reserves the right to accept, refuse, or decline any tour member’s participation at any time for any reason. In such a case, Fresco Tour’s liability is limited to the actual cost of the unused services.

Changing Tour Dates

If we are notified of a change to your scheduled tour date 6 months prior, you can apply your tour deposit to another departure date without penalty. This change can be up to 1 calendar year in advance and is subject to availability. Otherwise, the above Cancellation Fees will be applied.

As Spain-taneous Private Tours are custom built and created with specific dates in mind, any modifications will incur a 15% surcharge.


In accordance with Spanish law and for the duration of your tour with Fresco Tours, you are covered by a basic insurance provided by Intermundial.  We  strongly advise the purchase of a more comprehensive travel insurance that includes trip cancellation / interruption. We suggest using, which allows you to compare and assess top insurance provider policies and their different coverage plans.

Traveling Safely and Responsibly

Traveling during these complex times requires a bit more planning and a lot more reassurance. We believe that the Fresco Tours style of travel is particularly well-suited to safe activities: walking in the outdoors, small group sizes, strong reliable relationships with our local partners and, most importantly, we have the local knowledge of our home – the Camino de Santiago and the Spanish culture.


13 days / 12 nights

800 km / 497 mi

Camino Frances

Oct 13 - 25, 2024
Half Full
Jun 8 - 20, 2025
Oct 12 - 24, 2025

Price per person

4995 €

5,489.01 $

* USD$ price based on current exchange rate

Single Supplement Fee

695 €

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