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We’ve got lots of things to share with you – from the Northern Camino in the Basque Country, snow-capped mountains in Andalucia, breathtaking coastal walks leading into San Sebastian, the world acclaimed Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao and much more!

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Barcelona & The Costa Brava Walking Tours

Just a few kilometers north of Barcelona following the coast towards France, the Mediterranean Sea washes a rough terrain with small bays and cliffs. Known as the Costa Brava, which literally means the rugged or wild coast, this area is a paradise for nature lovers. The tranquil region is scattered with quaint medieval towns and hides wonderful gems waiting to be discovered.

9 days

70 km to Santiago

Mediterranean Coast

3995 € / person

Camino del Norte Tour: Basque Country

Over 1,000 years ago, the original Way to Santiago wove along the Northern Coast, passing through the fabled Basque Country. Come with us and discover this mysterious corner of the Iberian Peninsula known for its proud people and marked contrasts. Enjoy views of the sea to our right and the foothills of the Pyrenees to our left!

11 days

95 km to Santiago

Northern Camino

4195 € / person

Camino de Santiago of the Canary Islands Tour

Spain’s Canary Islands are famous for their beaches, palm trees, and volcanoes, but perhaps lesser known, is the officially recognized Camino de Santiago! On this new Fresco Tours adventure, we lace up our boots and leaving the southern sand dunes, we head north through stunning volcanic landscapes, pine forests and small oases as we cross the island of Gran Canary following our good friends, the yellow arrow and Fresco Tours!

7 days

65 km to Santiago

Canary Islands

3195 € / person

Andalucian Affair Tour

One-of-a-kind walking and cultural tour. We’ll explore serene garden palaces at the foot of snow-capped mountains, cool, dense shaded pine forests, quiet trout river paths and magical buzzing cities all under a crystal blue sky. Find out what the South of Spain has to offer!

10 days

41 km to Santiago

Southern Spain

3995 € / person

Spain-taneous Custom Tours

Our tour dates don’t fit your schedule? Prefer to travel on your own? Try a Fresco Spain-taneos Custom Tour. We’ll put our years of experience living and traveling all over Spain to work for you and tailor a private custom trip that caters to your groups’ every wish and desire.