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All Caminos lead to Santiago, and almost all pass through Castilla y León

April 23rd is Castilla y León Day

So here are some Camino related facts:

1. Of the 450 miles that make up the French Way from the Spanish border, 250 miles are in Castilla y León. That’s the yellow line in the map below.

2. There are more World Heritage Sites in Castilla y León than any other region (not country) in the world, (almost) all of them on Caminos to Santiago.

  • Burgos Cathedral
  • Old Town of Segovia
  • Old Town of Ávila
  • Old Town of Salamanca
  • Camino de Santiago Francés (French Way)
  • Las Médulas (León)
  • Atapuerca (Burgos)
  • Siega Verde (Salamanca)

3. The highest point on the French Way is in Castilla León (higher than the Pyrenees crossing); at Mount Irago, where the Iron Cross is.

4. Apart from the French Way, there are another 11 marked routes to Santiago that cross Castilla y León. See map below.

5. Our signature Camino de Santiago Tour starts in León, in Castilla y León

*Map courtesy of Castilla y León Tourism