Based in Spain since 2006

April is Earth Month

At Fresco Tours we believe that every month is Earth Month. However, we also believe that once a year it’s a good idea to raise awareness of issues that effect us all. As a tour agency that depends on travel, we are especially aware of the responsibilities we have and the challenges that these represent.

The key word may be Sustainability. This means that our business model aims to have a minimum impact on the communities and environment where we operate. In many cases, this impact can also be positive as we contribute directly to the local economy and foster business models that are sustainable.

We understand that this is not an easy task and that there is still a lot to do. But we are determined to continue working towards this common goal, helping to set business standards and establishing healthy and mutually beneficial relationships with the communities where we operate.

At the end of the day we are convinced that sustainable tourism will allow for growth and, above all, respect for our home, the Earth.

Here are a few things we do at Fresco Tours:

Eco Friendly Tourism

There is nothing more environmentally friendly than walking and reducing motor transport to the minimum.

Local Services

All our service providers are local, including bus companies, hotels and restaurants. As we mentioned above, by doing this, we help reduce CO2 emissions.

Zero-Kilometer Products

When possible, we only purchase products that are grown and produced in the region. We have also discovered that fresh fruit and vegetables taste better at our gourmet picnics!

Respectful Tourism

Respecting the communities where we operate allows us to establish longterm healthy relationships. Needless be said that respecting the local environment helps nurture these relationships – no one likes to see their homes mistreated.

Recycle, Reduce and Reuse

As an example, our gourmet picnics are prepared with recycled paper plates and cups, and reusable cutlery.