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Camino Angels (they exist)

We don’t doubt that, when needed, Saint James lends a helping hand to pilgrims as they make their way to Compostela. But did you know that along the Camino there’s a pair of Angels that look out for Fresco Pilgrims, even before their trip begins?

Allow us to introduce Alissa and Elba, your Camino Angels!


Originally from New Jersey, Alissa has been living in Galicia since 2001, not far from the Camino. She joined Fresco Tours in 2011 and is now in charge of assisting clients on most of our full-service guided tours, sorting out any issues that may arise and making sure everyone is ready for their tours.

Camino Angels exist Alissa


Elba was born in Cuba, then emigrated to the USA for 45 years, and in 2010 returned to Galicia where her parents were born! Elba joined the Fresco Tours team in 2016 and is now, like Alissa, in charge of assisting clients on our self-guided and kinder/gentler tours, making sure our Fresco Pilgrims arrive and return safely.


Camino Angels exist Elba

Because your pilgrimage begins the moment you decide to walk the Camino de Santiago, your Camino Angels may very likely be the first people to help you in preparing for your trip. Whether it is a self-guided tour or a guided one, they will help with your travel logistics and any other requests you may have. They will also have answers to any question regarding the Camino and the pilgrimage. 

On tour, they are always just an email away if there is anything that you need help sorting out; and we know that they are exceptionally good at replying almost immediately. And even after your tour has ended, they are both readily available to assist again with post-tour travel logistics and any other request or issue you might have.  

Your Camino Angels are literally watching over you from the moment you sign up for a Fresco Tour until the moment you return home.