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Based in Spain, we develop our routes from our backyard with our firsthand knowledge of the land and the people. We are proud of our casa and hope to share with you things that we find interesting and exciting.

A Fresco Tours Virtual Tour of the Camino de Santiago

Just because we are at home doesn’t mean we can’t explore the Camino.
Welcome to our first Virtual Tour of the Camino de Santiago!
(All photos were taken on our signature ‘Camino de Santiago Tour‘)

Day 1 – Meeting our Fresco Pilgrims and exploring León
After our welcome meeting we set out to explore the city of León with our local historian-guides. Then it’s time for dinner and a good night’s rest before our first hike tomorrow.

Our welcome meeting
The Cathedral of León
Antoni Gaudí’s ‘Casa Botí­n’
Our hotel in León

Day 2 – El Ganso to the Cruz de Ferro
A ‘warmer’ stage before we start walking in Galicia. The Cruz de Ferro is where pilgrims leave a stone in remembrance or symbolic purification.

Yes, the café really is called Mesón Cowboy!
After months of planning, we’re finally ‘on the Camino’
The ruins at Foncebadón
The Cruz de Ferro

Day 3 – O Cebreiro to Triacastela
O Cebreiro is the first village in Galicia and 100 miles from Santiago de Compostela. It’s also where we start our Camino and pilgrimage!

Sunrise at O Cebreiro looking back at Castile
Meet our best friend: the Camino milestone
Lunch time, Fresco style!
Galicia is Green

Day 4 – Triacastela to Sarria
Highlights of the day include the Benedictine Monastery of Samos and lots of stunning rural Galicia!

On our way to Sarria
Every hamlet has its chapel
The Benedictine Monastery at Samos

Day 5 – Sarria to Portomarín
Woods, hamlets, freshly brewed espressos and a magnificent Romanesque church at the end.

And we’re back on the trail!
Picnics taste better on the Camino
There’s always a surprise around the corner

Day 6 – Portomarí­n to Palas de Rei
Cows, chapels, cruceiros and Celtic ruins… What more could you ask for?

21st century Camino Pilgrims
The 2000-year-old Celtic Ruins at Castromaior
Almost lunchtime!
The 400-year-old cruceiro at Lameiros

Day 7 – Palas de Rei to Melide
Today we will have completed 2/3 of our pilgrimage, with only 52 kms (32 miles) to go! And today we get to feast on pulpo (octopus) for lunch; because everyone knows Melide is the Octopus Capital of the Camino!

The Chapel of Santa María at Leboreiro
Smelling the roses
There’s always time for a get together before dinner

Day 8 – Melide to Arzúa
This stage takes us through more of rural Galicia with its outstanding beauty, quaint villages and friendly locals. The stage ends in Arzúa: the Cheese Capital of Galicia. So you can guess what cheese features at our picnic today.

Nearby Pambre Castle
Which way? Ask your Fresco Guide!
One of our favourite bridges
There’s Tetilla Cheese!

Day 9 – Arzúa to Amenal
We’re almost there! Tomorrow we walk into Santiago! But it’s not over yet and today we still have miles of trails, forests and small Camino cafés.

A trip of a lifetime
Our last hotel before Compostela
Reminiscing the day’s adventures
The ‘Queimada’

Day 10 – Amenal to Santiago de Compostela
We made it! After 100 miles we walked into Santiago just after lunch. Now it’s time to get checked into our hotel, freshen up and go out and explore the city before dinner. Tomorrow we’ll attend the Pilgrim Mass and present our respects to Saint James!

Saluting the city from the Monte de Gozo
The Pilgrim Credential
First view of the Cathedral
We made it!

Day 11 – Santiago de Compostela
It’s our last day on tour and, like all endings, it’s a little bittersweet because of all the good-byes and farewells.
In the morning we meet our local historian-guide who takes us on a tour of the town and the Cathedral, finishing in time for the Pilgrim Mass. In the afternoon we’ll have time to embrace Saint James at the High Altar, revere his remains in the crypt and even do a little shopping.
Last night at our celebration dinner our Fresco Guides gave us our ‘Compostela’, the 1000-year-old document awarded by the Cathedral Chapter that certifies that we have indeed completed the pilgrimage to Santiago.

The Cathedral
The Church of Saint Francis
The Cathedral from the Alameda Park
The Compostela

Thank you for joining us on our first Virtual Camino de Santiago Tour. Stay tuned for the next one and until then, hasta pronto and Buen Camino!