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Giving Thanks with our DIY Advent Calendar!

Have some fun getting ready for the Holidays!

Featuring images from our Camino de Santiago & Camino Portugués Tours

Christmas is around the corner and we’d like to be a part of your preparations by sneaking a bit of the Camino into your homes with our Camino de Santiago Advent Calendar! It’s also a wonderful way for you to relive and share your own Camino memories with your children, grandchildren and the rest of your loved ones in this Do It Yourself Kit. So grab your scissors, some glue and your loved ones and start this arts and crafts project today!

Of course you know the drill:

Starting on December 1st (window 1), every day open the next window on your calendar until Christmas Eve (window 24). Behind each window is an image of the Camino de Santiago that you may recognise, and others that are waiting to be discovered on your next Camino.

Instructions for best results:

  1. Click on the Download buttons below and download both images.
  2. Use the thickest paper you can for the printing, such as card stock.
  3. Print images at best/photo quality and using the actual image size.
  4. Each image is A3 size: 11.7 x 16.5 inches or 29.7 x 42 centimetres.
  5. Do not enlarge the images. If you do, they will blur.
  6. Use a utility knife to cut along the dotted lines.
  7. Use double sided tape or glue to mount the Advent Calendar.
  8. The numbered windows go on top.

Unless you have a printer at home that allows to print paper that is 11.7 x 16.5 inches or A3 size, we suggest you use a printing facility. Printing the Advent Calendar on a smaller sized paper, such as Letter Size, will most likely result in poor image resolution. Printing on thick paper, such as card stock, will allow for a sturdier calendar.

We hope you enjoy the calendar and we wish you a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING!