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A is for Andalucian Affair, B is for Basque in the Glory, and C is for Costa Brava & Canary Islands!

Did you know we also offer full-service tours and the same Fresco Experience in other regions of Spain?

Andalucian Affair Tour

It’s been on your bucket list since forever, so now is the time to discover some of the architectural gems of Southern Spain, such as the Alhambra in Granada. It’s also a walking tour, so we’ll be lacing up to explore olive grove trails, the foothills of the Sierra Nevada, lush pine forests and much more!

Basque in the Glory Tour

Nowhere else in Spain does heritage, tradition and culture stand out like in the Basque Country. On this tour we follow the Northern Camino de Santiago trail along the Basque coast, starting on the French border and making our way to Guernica.

Costa Brava Tour

The Costa Brava Tour in Cataluña follows the hundred-year-old coastal trail that hugs the coast, passing through Salvador Dalí’s favorite fishing village of Cadaqués and his hometown of Figueres. This is also another region in Spain that passionately preserves its identity and heritage.

Canary Islands Camino de Santiago Tour

This is a brand-new product at Fresco Tours. The Canary Islands are found just off the African coast in the Atlantic Ocean, far enough south to offer wonderful weather year-round. The Canary Island of Gran Canaria boasts the only officially recognized Camino de Santiago trail that is not on mainland Europe.