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How to Prepare Tortilla Española

In this post you are going to learn how to prepare Tortilla Española like the locals do.

A classic tortilla

Spanish omelette- or tortilla española– is a staple in Spain.  And yes, we are aware that in many countries a tortilla is something completely different. However, tortilla is what Spaniards call their omelette. So, when in Spain…

The Ingredients

The main ingredients are eggs, potatoes, salt and olive oil. Start with three medium-sized potatoes.  Peel the potatoes and slice them finely. Some Spaniards prefer to dice them into small pieces. You can also add half an onion, diced or cut into small pieces.

The Recipe

Put the potatoes into a large frying pan with plenty of olive oil. Now add more oil as it probably wasn’t enough. Fry the potatoes until soft, even mushy. It’s OK if some potatoes brown. Add salt as you fry the potatoes.

In a bowl lightly beat 4 eggs. Then add the fried potatoes and mix. The potato and egg batter should have a runny consistency.

Using an 8-inch (approximately) frying pan, heat only enough oil to wet the bottom and side.

Once the oil is very hot, pour the potato and egg batter into the frying pan. Don’t let the oil burn. Do not stir the batter or do anything. Let the batter settle and cook on one side. You will know it is cooked on one side by shaking the frying pan. The tortilla should slide easily around. Now use a plate to flip the tortilla. This takes confidence and practice.

Place the plate on top of the frying pan. Lift the frying pan and flip it, holding firmly on to the plate. Put the frying pan back on to the flame and lower the heat. You should be holding a plate with uncooked batter and cooked side facing you. Slide the tortilla back into the frying pan and let if finish cooking. If you are adding onions, cut them into thin slice and fry with the potatoes at the beginning. You do not want crunchy onions. You also do not want to overdo it with the onions as these are added for taste and not consistency.

Flipping the tortilla. Pic courtesy of

The Magic

One of the great things about the tortilla is that it can be eaten hot, room-temperature or cold.  It’s great with a green salad as a light supper, with a coffee for breakfast or between a baguette on hike.

Buen Provecho! (Bon Appètit)

Now you know how to prepare a Tortilla ESpañola. For more simple Spanish recipes, have a look at our Fresco Tours Camino Recipe Book.