cha Learning How to Tie your Footwear. '

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Learning How to Tie your Footwear.

”It is unlikely that you’ll find a pair of boots that fit both of your feet perfectly, hence the need to have multiple tools including these advanced lacing techniques in your quiver of boot fitter tricks”. (Philip Werner – SectionHiker).

The truth is that finding footwear that fits both your feet perfectly is virtually impossible. Our feet may be slightly difference in size and shape, and it is unlikely we will be able to custom make our boots. However, by learning how to tie our footwear, we may be able to obtain a near-perfect fit before our hike.

Learning How to Tie your Footwear.
Learning how to tie your footwear explained in the link below. Courtesy

Here is a great post with a few instructional videos of shoe tying tricks. These can help eliminate some of the most common problems – heel sliding around, toes hitting the front of the boot, and the evil B word – blisters!

Good luck, start walking, and purchase your footwear somewhere you can try it on first.

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