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Responsible Tourist Guide – Basque Country/Euskadi

Fresco Tours endorses the Responsible Tourist Guide that is based on the Sustainable Development Goals set out in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Global Code of Ethics for Tourism.

Fresco Tours’ products comply with the guidelines that are found in the Guide, ensuring that rights of our employees, the tourists who choose to travel with us and the locals in the regions we operate are met, with a special emphasis on the communities, their customs and their natural environment.

The following are examples of the guidelines found in the Basque Responsible Tourist Guide

Promote Local Development

At Fresco Tours we use local suppliers where we operate, favouring smaller family-run businesses that guarantee direct financial returns to the community. As a family-run business, Fresco Tours understands the importance of fair pricing and honest negotiation, contributing to the sustainable development and empowerment of the local communities and their livelihoods.

Responsible Tourist Guide - Basque Country/Euskadi

Respect and Enjoy the Local Culture

At Fresco Tours we understand travel and tourism as an experience made possible through the interaction with the locals, their customs and their culture. Our aim is that our clients return home with memories that provide stories for their photos and an appreciation of the people they met.

Responsible Tourist Guide - Basque Country/Euskadi

Contribute to Heritage Conservation

Fresco Tours always complies with the regulations regarding access of the tourist sites we visit. Because Fresco Tours operates mainly along the Camino de Santiago, we take this obligation very seriously as the Camino, due to its characteristics, requires specific and augmented measures of preservation. For example, Fresco Tours self-limits the size of its tour groups, thus reducing the impact on the local communities and the environment, and allowing for the use of smaller vehicles.

Responsible Tourist Guide - Basque Country/Euskadi

Contribute to Environmental Preservation

Most of the Camino de Santiago runs through the countryside, in many cases, through woodland and protected nature. Fresco Tours informs and supervises its groups on how to responsibly visit these areas so as to reduce our impact to the minimum. Likewise, we ensure that all the waste that we generate while operating a tour is effectively and correctly disposed of.

Choose Sustainable Products and Services

Our suppliers share our concern and respect for sustainable tourism and comply with their respective environmental regulations. Indeed, we believe that everyone involved in our services share the same ethos, that of providing a sustainable, environmentally friendly and culturally respectful product.