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The Camino, COVID-19 and Spain’s Amazing Response

As you all know, The Camino was closed on March 15th because of the COVID-19 global epidemic. A State of Emergency was declared in Spain, closing all tourist accommodations as well as cafes and restaurants and non-essential shops. The movement of people was also restricted, confining Spaniards and residents to their homes.

Since then, the response by Spain’s health professionals, law enforcement, and other indispensable professionals and workers has been outstanding, often exposing themselves selflessly to the contagion. Perhaps our health professionals stand out as they are placed in the front line, dealing with a daily influx of patients. We can proudly state that no matter how dire the circumstances, our COVID-19 patients have been cared for in hospitals and other health facilities with the vast majority recovering. Our thoughts and prayers are with all these patients and their families.

The Camino, COVID-19 and Spain's Amazing Response
Thank you for caring for us!

Across Spain we acknowledge and honor our health professionals’ commitment and generosity by applauding from our windows and balconies every night at 8pm. There are no words to describe how moving this daily event is, when we all come together as one community.

The current State of Alarm will be in effect until April 11th, when, if the circumstances allow, Spain will gradually begin to return to normality. There is reason to believe that we are on track to achieve this goal; and that soon we will also be back on the Camino, wishing each other a Buen Camino and reveling in the beauty of the trail.

At Fresco Tours we are convinced that, having survived 1200 years, the Camino will continue to be magical once the storm blows over. For now, it’s our responsibility to do our part and stay at home and get ready for the time when we are reunited with the yellow arrow.

Hasta pronto!