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The ETIAS – European Travel Information And Authorisation System is a completely electronic system that will allow travelers from visa waiver countries to enter the European Union Schengen Zone.

In a way, the ETIAS is the EU’s answer to the USA’s Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA).

Travelers will have to fill in the online application form prior to their trip. In theory you will be immediately granted approval if the requested data is OK. However, there could be a delay in processing your request and therefore you probably want to consider applying several weeks in advance.

Your Authorisation will only be good for the country of your first port of entry when arriving to the European Union Schengen Zone. The good news is that your ETIAS is valid for 3 years and allows multiple entries. This will allow you to join us on different tours without having to go through the application process again!

The ETIAS will cost 7 euros, a bargain when compared to the 21 dollars that the ESTA costs.

The system is expected to be fully operational in 2024.

Remember that the ETIAS targets citizens of countries who can enter the EU zone visa-free. As such, there are 63 countries will need to get ETIAS authorization. For more information, click on the image below.