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The Way: Chapter 2

The Way: Chapter 2 is currently in pre-production and will feature Martin Sheen again as Tom.
The Way Chapter 2

Emilio Estevez’s sequel to his 2010 hit The Way is currently in pre-production. At the moment, this is what we know:

The Title

The film’s title is The Way: Chapter 2.

At Fresco Tours, we are tempted to believe that our tour: Chapter 2 – Burgos and Beyond, inspired Emilio Estévez! 😊

The Director and the Cast

The Way: Chapter 2 will reunite director Emilio Estévez with the original cast members from The Way: his father Martin Sheen as Tom, Yorick Van Wageningen as Joost, the friendly overweight Dutch pilgrim, and James Nesbitt as Jack, the Irish pilgrim and writer suffering ‘writer’s block’. We do not know if Deborah Kara Unger who played Sarah, the Canadian pilgrim, will be part of the cast.

The Plot

The sequel revisits protagonist Tom a decade after his first pilgrimage on Spain’s El Camino de Santiago in the footsteps of his deceased son Daniel (played by Emilio Estévez in The Way). In the sequel, Tom will reconnect with his walking previous walking companions Joost and Jack.

The film starts with Tom in northern Nigeria where he is working with Doctors Without Borders in a conflict zone. Tom receives a copy of Jack’s bestselling book based on their shared experience in which a disturbing secret is revealed. Apparently, Jack has overcome his ‘writer’s block’. Enraged, Tom leaves to search for Jack and find answers to questions that have haunted him for a decade. His journey also reunites him with Joost. The three men will eventually return to Spain and the Camino de Santiago.

What we do not know is why they return to the Camino. We will just have to be patient.