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Portomarín to Lestedo

Sarria to Portomarín

Day 8

Accommodations: Lestedo (B)

Walking: 20 km / 12 mi

After breakfast it is time for you to get ready to travel west across the Galician countryside. As you embark on your journey you will notice that a new kind of foliage has joined the lush landscape. Eucalyptus trees have been introduced and cultivated in the area and can be used for many purposes, including forestry and paper production. These strikingly green trees, with their tall white trunks and aromatic leaves, create a distinctive atmosphere and provide shade along the path.  

As you continue to follow the trail, the path will take you through Ligonde, a small village that stands out from the rest because of the ancient granite cruceiro (stone cross) and the hundred-year-old oak tree that greet you before you enter town. The cruceiro dates from 1670, and presents a crucifixion on one side, a pietá (Virgin Mother suffering) on the other side, and image of the instruments used during the passion of Christ on the base. 

After a rewarding walk, you arrive in Lestedo, a small quiet town perfect to explore before continuing on your journey for tomorrow. At your hotel your luggage will be waiting for you! Try some new food, maybe grab a drink with your fellow pilgrims, and get ready for the day to come.

Lestedo to Melide