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Vila do Conde to Esposende

Porto (Matosinhos) to Vila do Conde

Day 3

Accommodations: Eposende (B)

Walking: 25 km / 16 mi

After breakfast it is time to return to the Camino as you depart from Vila do Conde. On the way out of town you will pass the town’s small parish church. The structure is known for its elaborately carved Manueline-style doorway. As you continue exiting through the city you will enter the lively shopping plaza that is tantalizingly close to the sea. Further along the path you will approach a rockier section of the beach that is lined with beach homes. The fresh ocean air will motivate you to continue walking. 

As you approach the end of the boardwalk you will arrive in Barranha, where you can stop for snacks or refreshments before you continue your journey. There are two paths that you can take at this point; you can continue on the original Camino through fields, or continue next to the Estela Golf course along another boardwalk.  

Further along the path you will enter a wooded area until you reach your first glimpse of the River Cávado. As you keep walking you will arrive in the historical center of Esposende via Praça do Municipio and the Igreja da Misoricorida, where you can visit the Capela do Senhor dos Navegantes (Chapel of our Lord of the Mariners). 

After arriving in town be sure to consult your Fresco Tours maps for any needs you have, then relax for another day of walking tomorrow.

Esposende to Viana do Castelo