cha A Fresco Start Coastal Camino Portugués Tour - Day 7 '

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A Guarda to Oia

Vila Praia de Ancora to A Guarda

Day 7

Accommodations: Oia (B)

Walking: 14 km / 9 mi

It is time to return to the Camino after breakfast, as your walk today begins in A Guarda to Oia. As you leave the city you pass through several town squares, including the Plaza de Bautista Alonso and the Plaza do Relo. As you continue walking you reach Plaza de Iglesia, where you find the parish church, built on the site of a 10th-century religious monument. Further along the path you arrive in Praza da Guia and pass by its small historic chapel. 

At this point along the Way, the sea comes into view as you descend towards the ocean, pass through fields and country houses. Further on the path you is the Redonda shellfish farm which was once used to raise lobsters. 

As you continue walking, the landscape changes again as you entire a pine forest. The Camino’s biodiversity, along with its cultural significance, make it a unique culture walking experience. After you ascend through the trees you arrive at a spectacular viewpoint where you catch a glimpse of Oia, your destination for this stage. 

The path continues along the ridge where you come upon the small chapel of Ermide de San Sebastian I Cruciero, which was restored in 1993. Shortly afterwards, you step foot onto the ancient stone streets of Oia, where you can stop for a meal at one of the cafes with an ocean view. If you need any recommendations remember to check your Fresco Tours maps! 

The Santa María la Real monastery of Oia is privately owned, but be sure to pay a visit to view the outside. Having enjoyed a beautiful walk and an exploration of the town, you can sit down and enjoy dinner and glass of wine. Congratulations, you’ve completed the stage A Guarda to Oia!

Oia to Baiona