cha A Fresco Start Coastal Camino Portugués Tour - Day 9 '

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Baiona to Vigo

Oia to Baiona

Day 9

Accommodations: Vigo (B)

Walking: 26 km / 16 mi

After breakfast it is time for you to depart from Baiona to Vigo. The beginning of your journey takes you through residential areas before you reach more rural terrain. The yellow arrows have returned in this area and will guide you through the scenic countryside, scattered villages, and patches of woodlands. You soon pass a 15th-century gothic stone cross called the Cruceiro da Santísima Trinidade, built on the old Roman road.  

As you continue walking you reach the 13th-century Ponte da Ramallosa bridge over the River Miñor. In the middle of the bridge is a broken cross with a statue of St. Telmo standing above three tortured souls. Women unable to conceive would lurk here at midnight in the hopes of persuading the first man to cross the bridge to pour water on their womb and be the godfather of the resulting child. 

The Camino continues up a hill facing the Pazo Pías Hospedaria. Continue along the ridge until you begin your descent, with a beautiful view of the mountains and a glimpse of the sea to your left, the perfect place for a picture. 

As you continue along the Camino you pass through the town of Priegue, a great place to stop for food before you continue downhill. As you leave the forest you see Muiños de Fraga de Gontade, a serene collection of watermills and a waterfall that indicate you have almost reached your destination for today. 

Finally, you arrive in Vigo, your stop for the night. Congratulations, you’ve completed the stage from Baiona to Vigo! Here, be sure to enjoy the local cuisine. Our favorite restaurants are listed on your Fresco Tours maps. Santiago de Compostela is getting closer!

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