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Day 1

Accommodations: León (D)

Join us on a Kinder (Gentler) Camino de Santiago adventure with Fresco Tours! To start our
journey, we’ll gather with our group and our Fresco Tours guides for an orientation meeting of
the next 10 days ahead. Then, it’s time to explore the city of León, home to what many regard
as Spain’s finest example of Gothic architecture: the Santa María de Regla Cathedral. Our
local art historian will share its secrets with us, particularly its 1,800 square meters (20,000
square feet) of original medieval stained-glass windows, a breathtaking sight and a perfect
beginning to our pilgrimage.

The stained glass windows at the cathedral in Leon.
The stained glass windows at the cathedral in Leon.

As we marvel at its beauty, we’ll uncover the cathedral’s rich history. Initiated in the 13th
century (1205), it replaced the former Romanesque structure, itself built atop the original
Christian church established during the Reconquista. Completion came in the late 15th
century, coinciding with the creation of most of its magnificent stained-glass windows.

In 1868, significant restoration work stripped away elements that were added over the
centuries to preserve the cathedral’s authentic Gothic style. During the Spanish Civil War,
León’s allegiance with fascist forces spared the cathedral and its windows from bombing, a
stroke of luck for us!

Leon Cathedral at sunrise.
Leon Cathedral at sunrise.

Following our guided tour of the cathedral and the city, we’ll enjoy a delightful dinner,
preparing us for our first day of walking tomorrow!

León to the Iron Cross to Sarria