cha A Kinder (Gentler) Camino Tour - Day 4 '

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Ferreiros to Gonzar

Sarria to Ferreiros

Day 4

Accommodations: Portomarín (B, L, D)

Walking: 17 km / 11 mi

After a hearty breakfast, we lace up our boots and prepare ourselves for another memorable day of walking along the historic Camino de Santiago, this time journeying from the charming village of Ferreiros to the picturesque town of Gonzar. Our path leads us through diverse landscapes, and to reach our intermediate destination of Portomarín, we must cross the iconic Ponte de Miño bridge. This bridge offers stunning panoramic views of the surrounding valley and the expansive reservoir, making it a perfect spot for photography and quiet reflection. During autumn, when the water level tends to be lower, the remnants of the old town may emerge, providing a glimpse into the past and adding a touch of historical intrigue to our journey.

As we arrive in Portomarín, one of the first things we notice is its unique and strategic location on the banks of the Miño River. This town is rich in history and culture, with notable landmarks that capture the imagination. Among these is the remarkable Church of San Nicolás y San Juan, a structure that stands out not only for its religious significance but also for its architectural design. Built by the local religious militia and authorities, the church was strategically designed to resemble a military keep, showcasing its dual purpose of spiritual sanctuary and defensive stronghold. Our knowledgeable Fresco Tours guides will delve into the fascinating history of this unique structure, enhancing our appreciation of its significance. One particularly striking feature is the west door, adorned with a depiction of the Last Judgement, a favorite motif among medieval sculptors. This door holds historical importance as it was the entrance through which the local parishioners would pass on their way to Mass, adding another layer of connection between the past and present.

The Church of Saint SaintJohn and Saint Nicholas in Portomarín.
The Church of Saint John and Saint Nicholas in Portomarín.

The central square of Portomarín is a lively gathering place. Full of cafes, restaurants, and shops, where we can relax, enjoy a snack, and even purchase souvenirs. We then continue our Camino uphill to the village of Gónzar where we regroup at the handy cafeteria that sits right beside the trail.

A piper on the trail to Portomarín.
A piper on the trail to Portomarín.
Elevation Profile for the Ferreiros to Gonzar stage on the Camino de Santiago
Elevation Profile for the Ferreiros to Gonzar stage on the Camino de Santiago

Gonzar to Palas de Rei