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Guernica to Sopelana Beach & Portugalete

Zenarruza Monastery to Guernica

Day 10

Accommodations: Portugalete

Walking: 15 km / 9 mi

After breakfast this morning, we head to Sopelana for our last walk of the tour. Sopelana is a coastal town known for its beautiful beaches and stunning cliffs, which offer breathtaking panoramic views of the sea and great opportunities for hiking and coastal walks. The rugged, picturesque scenery attracts nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts.  

Our walk today is along the Getxo coast, where you can enjoy the best bird’s-eye view of El Abra Port. Very similar to the famous white cliffs of Normandy in France and Dover in England, this recreation area for locals and visitors alike offers extensive opportunties to enjoy nature. Along our walk we stop for our last gourmet picnic with views of the sea before continuing on our journey.

Getxo coast near Sopelana beach
Getxo coast near Sopelana

After our scenic coastal lunch, we walk past Fuerte de la Galea, an 18th-century military fort, one of the best-preserved military constructions in the Basque Country. Its circular design was fashioned after the lighthouse on Mount Igueldo in San Sebastian. We then continue our walk to Portugalete. 

Portugalete is located near Bilbao, situated on the left bank of the Nervión River. The most notable landmark in the city is the Vizcaya Bridge, also known as the Hanging Bridge or ‘Puente Colgante’. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is a remarkable feat of engineering and an iconic symbol of the town. Completed in 1893, the transporter bridge connects Portugalete with the neighbouring town of Getxo. It allows both pedestrian and vehicle transportation across the river, with gondola-like compartments suspended from the bridge’s structure. 

The Hanging Bridge in Portugalete and Getxo
The Hanging Bridge in Portugalete

The fishing port of Portugalete is still active and offers a glimpse into the town’s nautical heritage. As we walk through town we observe the daily activities of local fishermen and explore the waterfront area with its fish market, restaurants, and cafes serving fresh seafood. 

Portuglete from Getxo
Portuglete from Getxo

Tonight we enjoy a final celebratory dinner of fresh produce and seafood. As we savor our final evening with our tour group, we toast to our accomplishment and our shared memories with Fresco Tours! 

Elevation Profile for the Barrika to Puente Colgante/Portugalete stage.
Elevation Profile for the Barrika to Puente Colgante/Portugalete stage.