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Finisterre & Muxía

Galicia – Santiago de Compostela

Day 12

Accommodations: Santiago de Compostela

Today, we continue our journey westwards to the End of the World – Cape Finisterre. It’s been 12 days together and more than 500 miles across Spain. Indeed, like our ancestors before us, we can no longer continue walking west, as continental Spain ends here.

This symbolic destination holds significance for bygone pilgrims who, believing this was literally the end of the world, would perform ritual ablutions after completing their pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela. While our rituals may be different today, we can still engage in quiet contemplation of the Atlantic Ocean. We will also visit Muxía and the feared Costa da Morte, or Coast of Death, long feared by seafarers as one of the most dangerous coastlines in Europe.


Alas, tonight is our farewell dinner together, as we toast to a memorable journey across northern Spain, and start preparing for our next Fresco Tours adventure! Perhaps the Camino de Santiago of the Canary Islands?

Santiago de Compostela