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Rest Day or Optional Hike

Tunte to Cruz de Tejeda

Day 5

Accommodations: Parador Cruz de Tejeda (B, L, D)

Walking: 7 km / 4 mi

Today we are going to take it easy… or not! Pilgrims that would appreciate a day off and perhaps pamper themselves at the hotel’s spa can take the morning off. Pilgrims who would rather keep moving are welcome to join their guide and hike down to the village of Artenara.

The spa at the Cruz de Tejeda hotel. Rest day
The spa at the Cruz de Tejeda hotel.
The trail to Artenara from Cruz de Tejeda. Optional hike.
The trail to Artenara from Cruz de Tejeda

Later, the whole group will meet in Artenara for lunch. Don’t worry, if you decided not to hike, we’ll shuttle you down the hill! Artenara is another fascinating village known for its stunning landscapes and rich cultural heritage. However, Artenara is possibly best known for its unique cave dwellings, known as “cuevas.” These caves were historically inhabited by the indigenous Guanche people before the arrival of the Spanish conquistadors. Today, some of these caves have been converted into homes, restaurants, and accommodations for visitors, providing a fascinating glimpse into the island’s past.

Artenara. Rest Day or Optional Hike

After lunch, we return to our hotel for a rest before going for dinner at the nearby town of Tejeda, considered one of the Pueblos Bonitos of Spain.

Tejeda. Rest Day or Optional Hike

Cruz de Tejeda to Alto de Pavón