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Viana - Logroño

Los Arcos - Viana

Day 10

Accommodations: Viana (B, D)

Walking: 9 km / 6 mi

This morning we continue walking and enter Logroño, the capital of La Rioja, an relatively new autonomous region established in 1982. Logroño is an important city known for its historical significance, vibrant culture, and association as a world-famous wine-producing region. The city celebrates its wine heritage with numerous wine bars and wineries (bodegas), offering visitors a chance to sample a wide variety of local wines. 

Bodega in La Rioja
Bodega in La Rioja

As we enter Logroño, we cross the Ebro River over the Puente de Piedra (Stone Bridge), a path used by pilgrims over the centuries. Inside the city we visit the well-preserved historic center and the Co-Cathedral of Santa María de la Redonda, a beautiful Gothic-style cathedral and one of many churches preserved in the town. 

Given today is a shorter walk and our last day on the Camino de Santiago, it would only be appropriate to spend the afternoon with a visit to a local bodega to sample some of these fine bottles of treasured red wine!

Bodega in Logroño
Bodega in Logroño

For dinner we head to Calle Laurel and Calle San Juan. These two lively streets are famous for their vibrant tapas culture. Known here as pinchos, these mouth-watering snacks are a highlight in Logroño, attracting locals, tourists, and pilgrims alike to enjoy the gastronomic delights while strolling from bar to bar. While we savor some of the last time we have with our tour group, we toast to our accomplishment and look back on the memories of our walk on the Camino de Santiago with Fresco Tours. 

The Church of Santigo in Logroño. Our final destination on Chapter 1.
The Church of Santiago in Logroño. Our final destination on Chapter 1.