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Logroño, Chapter 2

Day 1

Accommodations: Navarrete (L, D)

Walking: 13 km / 8 mi

Mid-morning, we meet the group in Logroño for a short Chapter 2 Orientation Meeting followed up by a short walk to the historic town of Navarrete. We will stop on our way to have our first gourmet picnic lunch at the delightful Grájera park, just outside the city limits.

Camino signage in La Rioja after leaving Logroño, Chapter 2

As you approach Navarrete, which stands out at the top of a hill in the distance, you will encounter the ruins of San Juan de Acre. This was an important hospital in medieval times and provided shelter for pilgrims as they made their way west. In Navarrete, keep an eye out for the family crests and shields on the houses and buildings that display the wealth of this town. Once there, sit back and have a glass of Rioja wine.

Navarrete is nestled among picturesque vineyards and boasts a rich cultural heritage and stunning medieval architecture. Indeed, the next few days of walking will be amongst vineyards as we cross La Rioja wine country. The town is renowned for its historic sites, including the Church of Our Lady of the Assumption, a striking example of Spanish Gothic architecture. Navarrete is also famous for its role in the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage route, attracting pilgrims from around the world. The town exudes a charming ambiance with its cobbled streets, traditional tapas bars, and lots of pilgrims!

We’ve left Logroño behind and Chapter 2 has begun!

The San Mateo wine festival

The San Mateo wine festival in Logroño, Spain, is a lively celebration held annually in September. It is also Logroño’s biggest event and one of the city’s claim to fame in Spain. It showcases the region’s renowned Rioja wines, offering tastings, wine competitions, and street parties. Visitors enjoy traditional music, dance, and a festive atmosphere as they sample the (hopefully) local wines in moderation and feast on the local cuisine.

Elevation Profile for the Logroño to Navarrete stage on the Camino de Santiago
Elevation Profile for the Logroño to Navarrete stage on the Camino de Santiago

Navarrete to Nájera