Based in Spain since 2006

Pilgrim for a Day / Meet in Bilbao

Day 1

Walking: 10 km / 6 mi

At 9:00 am we meet you at your hotel and shuttle to the 14th century Zenarruza Monastery, where we begin our descent along the Camino de Santiago. Our first stop is in Munitibar, a small town tucked in a lush valley at the foothills of Mount Oiz where will stop at a local café for coffee and snacks, and to stamp our Pilgrim Passport! Leaving Munitibar we begin a short ascent to the Chapel of Santiago, always rewarded with breathtaking views and Camino de Santiago vibes.

Zenarruza Monastery

Our walk through lush mountains and valleys ends in the village of Zarrabenta, where we will regroup at the the local café and make our way by van to Guernica, a name made famous around the world by Pablo Picasso’s dramatic anti-war painting of the city.  

The Pablo Picasso Guernca monument in Guernica.
The Pablo Picasso Guernca monument in Guernica.

On April 26, 1937, Guernica was heavily bombed during the Spanish Civil War by Nazi warplanes at the request of General Francisco Franco’s Nationalist forces. Picasso’s greyscale painting Guernica depicts the tragedies of war and the suffering it inflicts upon individuals, particularly innocent civilians. 

Today, however, Guernica stands as a symbol of peace and resilience. The town has rebuilt and preserved its heritage, while also commemorating the tragic events that took place during the bombing. As we walk through the town we may explore several significant sites related to the town’s history, including, the Gernika Tree, the Gernika Peace Museum, and the Casa de Juntas assembly hall. 

Camino Norte Basque Country
Camino del Norte in the Basque Country

After lunch, it’s time to board our van and make our way back to Bilbao. We are convinced you’ll be already considering returning and walking more of the Camino de Santiago with us!

The Camino de Santiago trail in the Basque Country.