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Warring Saints on the Camino

You are probably familiar with the politically incorrect yet iconic image of Santiago Moor-Slayer. But did you know that along the Camino there were another two Moor-Slayers who came down from Heaven and helped the Christian armies win decisive battles?

Here are their legends:

Saint Isidoro at the Battle of Baeza in 1147

Saint Isidoro was a Spanish scholar and priest who lived in Spain in the 6th century. During the Christian ‘Reconquista’ of the Iberian Peninsula, the King of León Alfonso VII was battling the Muslim armies in Andalucía. During the siege of Baeza, Saint Isidoro came down from heaven on July 25th (Feast of Santiago) and helped the Christian army take the city.

?Saint Millán at the Battle of Simancas in 939.

Saint Millán was a Spanish hermit who also lived in the 6th century. He is credited with having helped the King of León Ramiro II defeat the Muslim army at the decisive Battle of Simancas in 939. The saint is buried in the Monastery of Yuso in La Rioja, which is a short distance from the Camino. Simancas is a small town near Valladolid on the Camino de Madrid.

Saint James (Santiago) at the Battle of Clavijo in 844.

We all know the story. On May 23rd 844, Saint James came down from Heaven wielding a sword and riding a white horse and helped the King of Asturias Ramiro I defeat the Muslim army at the town of Clavijo in La Rioja. This image of Saint James is known as the Moor-Slayer and it was extremely popular until recent times.

From left to right are Saint Isidoro the Basilica of San Isidoro in León, Saint Millán at Monastery of San Millán de Yuso, and Saint James at the Church of Santiago in Logroño.