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Camino Recipe Book

We are proud to finally present the first edition of our Camino Recipe Book.

Anyone who has walked with us is aware that our picnic lunches are not only tasty but an essential aspect of the Fresco Tours experience. Indeed, picnic preparation is a core part of guide training at Fresco Tours and guides are continuously sharing new recipes and ideas amongst each other.

At Fresco Tours we love our picnics and their preparation, especially the shopping. Spain is a country that boasts wonderful fresh produce, which is easily found and purchased anywhere along the trail. You may recall the dozens of small vegetable gardens that line the Camino as you walk to Compostela. These small vegetable plots are a testimony of our love for everything fresh and healthy.

The Camino Recipe Book is divided into the following sections:

  1. Bean, Pasta and Rice Salads
  2. Green, Red and Orange Salads
  3. Picnic Platters
  4. Spanish Classics Suitable for Picnics

Each section offers several easy-to-prepare classic Fresco Tours Camino recipes illustrated with color photographs.

We hope you enjoy the the book and look forward to seeing your creations on our Facebook Family Page or on any other of our social media channels.

You can purchase your copy of the Camino Recipe Book on Amazon.

A Fresco Tours picnic on the Camino de Santiago