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A Hiking Experience of a Life-time

Alissa – My husband Cliff and I cannot say thank you enough to Fresco Tours for providing a hiking experience of a life-time to us. The El Camino hike with Jason and Ria was handled highly professional and yet, at the same time, incredibly friendly, warm, and caring. The “meetings” each day of the details for the next day’s walk was so very, very helpful. It gave us an opportunity to better understand what to wear, what to bring, and gave us “hope” when we saw all the milestones (especially lunch!). The accommodations were nothing short of breath-taking at times and the food and wine was not only superior but plentiful. I also want to give special thanks to Fresco for helping Cliff and I celebrate our 12th wedding anniversary ….. truly, not necessary but so very much appreciated! I want to also let you know that the knowledge, support, and thoughtfulness of both Jason and Ria was invaluable. They are responsible for making the trip one that exceeds expectations. We have already been telling friends and family about your tours. One set of friends are big hikers and in 2013 they want to do a hike in either Italy or France and they are now seriously considering the El Camino in 2014. These friends love the “quality” tour given by Fresco and they asked if you did tours in Italy or France. I said I did not think so but that I would ask. If not, would you be able to recommend another Tour company that offers the same type of quality (4-5 star) tour as you do? Again ….. it’s so hard to put in words the wonderful experience we had in Spain. Finally, I did want you to know that the A Quinta Da Auga spa outside of Santiago was “first rate”. We had another wonderful experience there and I would highly recommend it if any of your future customers are looking for a place to “repair” after the El Camino! All my best. Muchas gracias, Janet

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