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An Authentic Experience

Hi Alex, Johan and I have nothing but praise and delight about our wonderful tour. The accommodation gave us an authentic experience, which we loved and we felt safe and coddled all along the way. Many thanks and praise go to Jason for understanding and facilitating our desire to sing in the churches. We looked forward with great anticipation to the lunch time picnics. They were such a treat after a hard morning of slogging along! Jason never failed to amaze us with his delicious concoctions and lovely picnic sites. His knowledge in so many fields related to the tour e.g. history of the churches, folklore and books enriched our experience. To cap it all, he’s a photographer with a really keen eye. Many thanks for the gifts. Based on this trip of a life-time, we would gladly recommend Frescotours to our friends. Sincerely, Johan and Suzanne

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