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An Experience that Gets Into You and Works Its Magic

Hi Alissa, Our Fresco Start tour was amazing, exactly what Bill and I were looking for as far as a ‘tour’ is concerned. Our walk is not something I can describe to our family and friends. Its almost impossible. They ask ‘how was your vacation’? The Camino isn’t a vacation. Its an experience that gets into you and works its magic. I still dream of walking. Our accommodations were wonderful and the hosts were very nice and helpful. A big shout out for O Pino Hotel whose owner & bartender were so kind to Bill, carrying on a lengthy conversation with him. Bill’s Spanish is not so good and their English was the same! They managed to communicate and the result was fantastic. The small group size for the Start tour is very good also. It allowed us to get acquainted with our group and have nice dinner conversations in the evening. Really, everything was prefecto and all your help before our trip began was fabulous. It appears Fresco Start tours is popular as I go on to the website and check out the dates. Pretty much all full. May you all continue to have success with this tour. Bill and I loved it.
Buen Camino( I love saying it still )! Renee

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