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Beautiful Wooded Paths, Welcoming Pazos, Wonderful Food and Wine

Hi Alex, Yes the earthquake was indeed terrible thing. Churches, hundreds of years old, were reduced to rubble. Unfortunately, granite does not exist in this country. Back in the day, the material used to make these grand old structures were porous coral mixed with egg yolk and hay. How can that stand a chance against a severe earthquake?The were some lives lost but thankfully it was a holiday and most people were safely at home. Anyway, thanks for your kind thoughts. We are all back home now. It was pretty amazing how we all ‘survived’ the camino, thanks to Jeffrey and his excellent shepherding skills. All aches and pains, muscle soreness, are just a distant memory. What truly stands out in my mind are the beautiful wooded paths, the welcoming pazos, the wonderful food and wine, the spirituality of the entire experience, and most of all the achievement of all our aspirations – the entry into the Cathedral of Santiago.The tandem of Jeffrey and Alberto was sublime. They worked in absolute harmony, ensuring everyone was in one piece. Of course there were minor inconveniences, which now prove to be insignificant. I’m not sure if would do it all over again. I would have to think long and hard about that. Maybe if the walking day was around 15 kilometers I would consider it. Of course my camino mates, made it exceptionally awe inspiring. After viewing Jeffrey’s photos, I now wish it hadn’t ended so soon. I can say that now because the aches and pains are gone, and all the inconveniences turned out to be invaluable lessons. I hope Jeffrey didn’t have to work too, too hard to make everything move like clockwork. More power to you Alex! Un abrazote desde Manila, Marimi

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