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Celebrating with My Camino Family

Kia Ora Alex, It’s my first day back at work and I am slowly going through 500 plus emails. It’s hard to imagine that just two weeks ago, I was celebrating reaching Santiago with my Camino family. Thank you, Alex, for having that brainwave all those years ago and setting up Fresco Tours. For me, your tour was a way to escape from a pretty hectic, stressful, full-on couple of years. The best part for me was to be able to walk on my own (solo) and just find myself again, but also enjoy the company of some pretty awesome people as well (you could not have hand picked a better group to meet and travel with). Ria and Jason were outstanding as guides and soon became friends and I cannot speak highly enough of each of them. It would be very easy for both Jason and Ria to sound like a broken record with each new tour, but they made me feel like we were the first group they had ever taken and all the sights and smells we were experiencing were new for them as well. I adored Ria’s sense of humor, and think it is one of the biggest gifts to make others laugh… and forget about the pain they are in! Jason always satisfied my need to know what was coming around the corner and I was always eager to learn and listen to what he had to say. But most of all, I am grateful for the way they both took care of me when I got sick and went above and beyond. When I told my friends back home about it, they were shocked that I had let people take care of me as I am such a stubborn independent individual…and Pepe..well Pepe for me sums up Spain. A warm and open heart and generous nature that I will never forget. Alex, I know we didn’t get to meet you, but I know you were in the background as well. Thank you once again for a truly magical experience. Aroha Nui (Big Love), Lisa

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