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Delicious Dinners and Free Flowing Wines

Hola Alex and Elvira! Thank you for a great vacation! Peter and I rated this Camino vacation a 10! – it was truly a pleasant surprise! Alex, in all our trips the past 22 years, Peter never rated one a 10 until this Camino walking tour with Fresco Tours. This is a testimony to how you made each one of the 13 ‘pilgrims’ feel special. You could not have picked a sweeter/more lovable and more hardworking assistant than Elvira! The careful planning, organization, and direction throughout the 9 days were very evident – the memorable and gorgeous grand houses we stayed in (e.g., Marisol’s manor house), gourmet picnics you guys beautifully prepared that catered to every whim (literally!), the delicious dinners and free flowing wines (literally!), the carefully selected authentic Galician restaurants at quaint towns (still remember the grilled oyster mushrooms and baby trouts at that stonehouse restaurant!), your fun meetings over cocktails, your Camino tales, and just knowing that you and Elvira were keeping eye on all of us in the trails – are just a few of the many wonderful features of your tour. We can tell you guys love what you do! We definitely have the Basque walking tour in mind next time we visit Spain! Pls keep in touch. Warmest regards, Rose and Peter

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