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Everything was Flawless and First-Rate

Dear Alex: There is simply no adequate way to thank you and Jason and Mayte and Cleso for our extraordinary El Camino adventure. Logistically, everything was flawless and first-rate; Peggy and I could go on and on raving about every meal we ate and every place we stayed. But there is much more about a trip like this than logistics and much depends upon the spirit of the group and the example of the leaders. El Camino is not just a physical route; it’s a way of being and of walking though life that is centered in openness and generosity, compassion and caring, laughter and learning and loving. The yellow arrows showed us the route, but you, Jason, Mayte and Celso showed us in the way of being. It was noticeable, for example in how you did not make the group do touchy-feely exercises, but trusted us to introduce ourselves to each other and form our own cohesiveness and positive identity (as we did). And it was unmistakable in the delight all of you took in sharing the beauty of the countryside, the details of church architecture, and the bounty of the feasts with us and in your attentiveness to our every need, before we even knew we had a need. It was also evident and moving in the way you greeted and were greeted by our hosts at manor houses and in restaurants, especially at the restaurant in Samos where the husband of the host had just died two weeks before. This was the most romantic and rewarding trip we have ever been on and we thank you and El Camino for that from the bottom of our hearts. We hope to renew our relationship with you and El Camino on the Basque region tour next October, but for now we will rest in total contentment and joy. In gratitude and friendship, Bob & Peggy

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