Based in Spain since 2006

Excellent Care

I started from scratch figuring out what I wanted to do el Camino hacia Santiago de Compostela and how. I didn’t know much. Alyssa was our first contact and she was so sweet, patient and diligent. She answered all my questions, handled all my doubts, listened to all my needs/concerns and ideas and helped me to choose which option was best for me and my friends.

Once that was done, we passed to Elba. I think my first email was “I want Alyssa back” . She took it very candidly and guarantee I was going to feel good with her and she did not lie. She was with us all the way from the very moment we left home to the last minute after we finished the Camino and headed to Barcelona.

Everything was coordinated very well and we did find some hiccups throughout , but she owned each one and helped us resolve without hesitation. The experience was wonderful. I definitely recommend their service.

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