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I am Still Walking so that I Can Be Ready for Next Year

I wish to say ‘Thank You’ to Fresco Tours and their inspiring tour guides, tour coordinator and driver. Yes – I know I am slow responding, but you have to admit I am fast on the slopes. I wanted some time to ponder over this extraordinary journey we went on before commenting. Jeffery and Jason were very professional and caring at all times. Their knowledge of local and Spanish history brought the places alive. I do not know how they kept their patience with all the questions, injuries, and ‘quarter mile’ teasing.
Alberto, our trusty steed, was most kind. Alissa was also very helpful coordinating people. I think herding cats would be easier. As a matter of fact, the accommodations and meals were beyond my expectations. I think it is because I went with none other than the fear of getting ill or injured. Ironically, I did not get a blister or a callous on my feet. I have been singing your praises to everyone who has asked me, especially after they saw the pictures of the meals and accommodations. I belong to two pilgrim societies and at their next meetings I will make sure that Fresco Tours is mentioned and that your contact info is passed on. The highest compliment I can express is that this adventure has inspired me to go back next spring to complete the section from St Jean to Leon.
In addition, I am considering taking you up on your ‘Basque Country’ offer next fall. This inspiration has to be laid at the feet of Jason and Jeffery. I am still walking so that I can be ready for next year – walked 18 km on Sunday. Buen Camino to ‘Wonder Woman’and his side kick ‘Superman’……Merci Beaucoups and Muchas Gracias.

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