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I Just Wanted to Hold Onto the Feeling as Long as I Could

Muchas Gracias from me too!!!!! I can’t say enough good things about Carol and Marta! They were the greatest; such lovely women and so knowledgeable about Spanish history. The group was great, having all women was really special! We all got along famously and when one needed help, the rest were there to step up and help. I know we will keep in touch with each other. Perhaps you should offer tours for all one gender, I know this one was special, but I know Carol and Marta liked the fact that we were all women as well. The food and lodgings were 5 star! The picnics were outstanding, and the Canadian Thanksgiving picnic was really special for us three Canadians in the group! Thanks to you, Carol and Marta. I know my Camino will stay with me for the rest of my life. I have made some promises to myself that I will try very hard to keep? I really didn’t want the walk to end, I just wanted to hold onto the feeling as long as I could. I only wished I could come again and do the entire way! I was so impressed with the Korean, 73 year old gentleman that I sat next to on the bus to Porto. He had walked all the way to Finestere! and had done some Camino walks of 50 plus kilometres along the entire walk. . He lived in Maryland! but had been a trekker on Mt. Everest. He really was an example of all the remarkable people who make a decision to leave their normal lives for a period of time, and lose themselves to the Camino! These are the kind of experiences I will treasure; the people along the way, the silence to enable you to live in your own thoughts as you walked, the beauty of the scenery, and the friendships made within the group, and last but certainly not least, the two special women, Carol and Marta! who guided us along the Way. Thanks Alissa for all your help for the planning for Bilbao! Leon and my trip to Porto. I was happy to meet my husband in Porto! But it’s a different kind of holiday now? I walked the golf course at Praia d’el Rey yesterday and took in the views of the beautiful ocean. There is big surf here so lots of young people surfing. Yesterday after a glass of Port, I mustered up the courage to walk along the old historic wall of Obidos, and we attended rosary and mass in Fatima. Portugal is quite different from Spain! but lovely as well? We plan to go into Lisbon and do some more investigating around this area over the next few days, and fly home on the 27th. My Camino memories will stay with me. Muchas gracias again.

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