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It’s Hard to Re-Enter Reality!

Dear Alex, I need a bit of time to put my gratitude in words. The trip was wonderful and fulfilled all my expectations! David and Jeffery were exceptional. Jeffery’s Art History background added to his most knowledgeable introduction to all the sites we visited. He has a genuine love of the Camino. I appreciated his acceptance of my love of using my Spanish. I get to use it so seldom here. David was amazing in his intuitive sensitivity to each one’s needs. He could be silly and have us rolling on the floor with laughter but he also has such a thoughtful, spiritual side that he helped set the tone of the pilgrimage. Both performed flawlessly in taking care of us. It felt a bit like living at Downton Abbey. It’s hard to re-enter reality! The food and accommodations were outstanding, each manor house or Abbey surpassed the previous one. The adventure with our key called for help above and beyond the call of duty from Jeffery! But what memories! Traveling with Fresco again would be amazing! The very least we can do is praise you to the skies and spread the word. Most Gratefully Yours, Sydney

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